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  1. This is what I use to automatically scale and fit to the window size. var Game = { w: 768, h: 1024 }; Game.Boot = function(game) { this.game = game; }; Game.Boot.prototype = { preload: function() { ... //Scale Image to Fit Window this.game.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; this.game.scale.maxHeight = window.innerHeight; this.game.scale.maxWidth = window.innerHeight*(Game.w/Game.h); }, ... Here's a game I used it in, as an example: http://divideby5.com/games/rogueslasher/
  2. This is the 7th game in my #onegameaweek challenge, it's a jigsaw puzzle game, and kind of an experiment. I was playing around with bitmapdata and alphamask and wanted to see if I could use them to turn an image into a jigsaw puzzle on the fly. You can play it here: http://divideby5.com/games/jigsaw Souce code available here: https://github.com/rantt/jigsaw Dev diary for week 6 & 7: http://blog.divideby5.com/week-6/ Any feedback appreciated
  3. @staff0rd As per your suggestion I adjusted the difficulty, by increasing the levelling rate and decreasing the enemy difficulty levels significantly. Thanks so much for your feedback
  4. This is the 4th game in my #onegameaweek challenge, Turn based micro RPG about mending a broken heart. You can play it here: http://divideby5.com/games/lostfragments Source code available at: https://github.com/rantt/lostfragments Dev Diary for Week 4: http://blog.divideby5.com/week-4-lost-fragments/ Any feedback appreciated
  5. This is the 3rd game in my #onegameaweek challenge, scooping icecream as fast as you can You can play it here: http://divideby5.com/games/superscoopers Source code available at: https://github.com/rantt/Super-Scoopers/ Dev Diary for Week 3: http://blog.divideby5.com/week-3-super-scoopers/ Any feedback appreciated
  6. thanks for the feedback @staff0rd - I had made taking the hand off the keyboard an intentional thing just so people didn't go straight into a new game accidentally, but you're probably write it kinda breaks up the flow of the game if you keep having to take your hands off the keyboard to continue. @mattstyles - I hadn't considered scoring the baddies killing each other, but it's a good suggestion. Especially since it is something that can be caused by the players movements. I think I will add a scoring of 1 point for mobs killing each other and 2 points for player kills. The
  7. Thanks for the feedback I'd wondered if it would be confusing without an explanation first. I think I might change the start screen to be something like "Drag the shape to the slot to start", just so people have an idea what the game is about before they start to play. Oh, and thanks for mentioning the console debug info. I totally missed that one.
  8. This is the 2nd game in my #onegameaweek challenge, it's a pretty basic hacknslash rogue-like. You can play it here: http://divideby5.com/games/rogueslasher Source code available at: https://github.com/rantt/rogueslasher Any feedback appreciated updates: * Mob Kills now score 1pt and Player kills score 2pts * Added Touch controls for Mobile Devices * Space Key or Mouse can be used to Retry/Continue
  9. Going to try making a game a week this year. This is the game from the first week "PREfectionist", match shapes and try to beat the clock. I've already finished the week 2 game, but here's the first one. You can play it here: http://divideby5.com/games/prefectionist Source Availabe at: http://github.com/rantt/prefectionist I'm also trying to do a brief blog post about these games as well, to kind of explain why I made them or stuff I learned doing it. Anyway, if you're interested in that you can read it here: http://blog.divideby5.com/week-1-prefectionist/
  10. I like the mix of strategy and coding. Graphics are really nice, could use some music/sfx but really fun, nicely done
  11. Cool concept, nice music. It was a fun game I liked it, nicely done
  12. There's plenty of other forums for unity. I don't think this needs to be one too.
  13. @solegrina - Changing/adding colors is a great idea to add difficulty. Thanks for the feedback
  14. @adrigau - I made the buttons bigger, should make it easier to hit. Thanks for your suggestion
  15. Against Type - http://divideby5.com/games/against_type/ Match the name with the color....easy...right?
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