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  1. I'm basically trying to make this gamemechanicexplorer example into a game. When a missile collide with another sprite (my hero), both the missile and hero is killed but a smoke emitter attached to the missile still keeps emitting smoke. On the other hand, when a missile hits a solid obstacle on thte screen, the missile is also killed in the same fashion and then the emitter stops. Any thought? Missile code: Protagonist code: The game:
  2. Hello. I'm trying to follow but my missiles end up pointing in the wrong direction all the time. So I simplified and removed basically everything but the rotation of the bullet. But even with a centered stationary bullet it ends up facing in another direction than where the pointer is. Missile.prototype.update = function() { var targetAngle = this.x, this.y,, ); this.rotation = targetAngle;}; I'm using 2.0.3 Any thoughts on what might be wrong here?
  3. Nice tutorial. I'm eagerly waiting for part 5.