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  1. Hi, well this is the first time I share something with u. Recently I started to learn to play the guitar and I needed a tuner... so i made mine. Why? Why not? I know well it's not the best one out there, but, would you tell me what do you think? https://googledrive.com/host/0B_uqa_wc3lrOYWsxbHRFWnY0Umc/ P.S. If I wrote something wrong please tell me.
  2. I started with Flash, but I just could achieve to make a very awful pong clone.. and when mochi went down i decided to start with HTML5 instead of keeping learning ActionScript 3. And that's the story of how i met HTML5.
  3. Thanks for the answers, i already tried unity and html5 a bit and i think html5 is the right friend for me. The UI of unity it's kind of confusing for me... Also because you seem to be an awesome community, (I thought HTML5 gamedevs were almost extinct).. Well, hope i can share my very first HTML5 game soon with you guys!
  4. Hi, i'm new in this community and i want to make android and iOS games, but i do not know if i should use HTML5 or Unity, i'm practically new to programming in general (i just know a bit of javascript)? I have searched for an answer but nothing, what do you recommend me.. keep with javascript and html5 or start learning c# for unity? what is more fun html5 or unity? p.s. sorry for my english