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  1. Hi, Would you be interested in selling this code/game Thanks Ash
  2. Hi, Does anyone have any unity or html 5 games that are Facebook ready, or that can be monetized for Facebook. Ideally i am looking for a game like candy crush, bubble witch saga, pet saga, hay day, farm ville, any re engaging games that you have that can be monetized please come let me know. Happy Gaming Kayoobi Games
  3. Hi, Have you actually put this game on Facebook yet. I was wondering if you had put it on Facebook with in apps yet, and would you be interested in selling the game or re skinning another version of this game for me. Thanks
  4. I am a games publisher mainly for Facebook games, as that is where our current network is, obvious any game that does well for us on Facebook is worth putting on the ios and android too. Do you have any games that are either already on Facebook or that can be re skinned or just bought outright,or do you have any games that could be ported to Facebook. maybe you started to make a game and never finished it, or maybe you have a game on facebook with no users and have come to a dead end. I am looking for games i can add to my network but the games must have in apps(in game purchases) within F
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