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    Kilombo got a reaction from JackFalcon in Mesh to follow a path/curve   
    It would be a good idea to define paths using bezier curves. This is quite powerfull, theres a tutorial.
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    Kilombo got a reaction from Numa in Camera question   
    Thanks mate. I'll do that. 
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    Kilombo reacted to gryff in Set The Buttons - an old puzzle   
    I've always enjoyed the "adventure game" which means solving puzzles and following story lines.
    Here is a puzzle I first encountered in the 1990s - three versions :
    1. Easy - can be done with 3 clicks minimum
    2. Harder - can be done with 5 clicks minimum
    3. Hardest - can be done with 7 clicks minimum
    Aim of the puzzle is to get all buttons green. You can click on a red button to turn it green - however,  doing so changes other  non-clicked buttons.
    All the data necessary to control the behaviour of the buttons comes from the names of objects in the babylon file - exported from Blender - hence the string parsing you see in the javascript code.
    The code took me longer than geometry building in Blender
    Anyone recognize the puzzle - and what game did it appear in ?
    cheers, gryff
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    Kilombo got a reaction from Wingnut in intersectMesh playgroung example ? my mistake or bug?   
    Thanks guys, that probably saved my day
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    Kilombo reacted to Temechon in intersectMesh playgroung example ? my mistake or bug?   
    Line 46 is the magic !
    When you create your elements, their position is all (0,0,0) until their world matrix is computed, which happens during the render loop.
    As its name suggests, 'renderBeforeRender' happens before the render loop.
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    Kilombo reacted to Wingnut in intersectMesh playgroung example ? my mistake or bug?   
    Hi K!  Hi T!  Ahh yes, the very useful renderBeforeRender().  I use that puppy all the time. 
    I'm pretty much confused, but here's #3.
    I'm not sure what you are trying to do with this PG, Kilombo, but we got red balls, and that's something.  In order for an intersection to happen, the yellow ball needed to actually hit something, so I changed its animation path.  You also had paste mistakes in lines 29-31... but that didn't affect your intersections.
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    Kilombo reacted to Temechon in Babylon Projects   
    I just released a new game called BLOCK here :
    Move the block with the arrow keys and try to complete all levels !

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    Kilombo reacted to highvrahos in Babylon Projects   
    My Glass Studio is a new WebGL application supporting the sales of The-Glass-Co, a global market leader in glass dinnerware construction, active in Greece, Singapore, US and Japan.
    Active link to the application (login in/register needed):
    Press release:

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    Kilombo reacted to Jaskar in Babylon Projects   
    Rubik's cube player / solver :


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    Kilombo reacted to NasimiAsl in Babylon Projects   
    eash : shader base scene 

    thanke for visiting
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    Kilombo got a reaction from bbmario in Best Babylon tutorials?   
    Hello bbmario, good evening and welcome to the forum and to this community. There's already lot's of stuff available. Delta and Devrous made some really good videos, and that's a good place to start.
    You can also check the documentation in here:
    Best regards,
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    Kilombo reacted to RaananW in Height Map changes from 1.12 to 2.0   
    Try removing the diffuse color, or set it to 1,1,1. See if that helps.
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    Kilombo got a reaction from Zimbofly in Change position on blender imported Mesh.   
    Hi Zimbofly,
    Since I work in OOP (objecto oriented programming) I had to do a work around.
    In the example below you have the function "load3D" of the class "Unit", so, when I do "var temp = this;", that variable will receive everything that concerns to the class or object it self, so I can use them in the "BABYLON.SceneLoader" method.
    By this, I can to whatever I want, you see that I do in the last lines "temp.setMesh(ship);", with this I'm passing the mesh it self by argument to another method of the classe called setMesh. On the setMesh I do all the stuff that I want.
    If it doesn't work out for you, please post the code, I'll give it a try on helping you out. Hope I've been helpfull.
    unit.prototype.load3D = function(name,imageFileName,posx,posz,roty,meshid,type,octree){    var temp = this;    BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh(name, "Assets/babylonreadyfiles/", imageFileName, scenes[0], function(newMeshes) {        var ship = newMeshes[0].clone();                ship.scaling.x = constants.shipScale;        ship.scaling.y = constants.shipScale;        ship.scaling.z = constants.shipScale;                               ship.actionManager = new BABYLON.ActionManager(scenes[0]);                     if (selfchecker === 0) {        selfchecker = 1;        temp.setShipPos(posx,posz,roty);        //temp.loadParticlesEngine(newMeshes[0]);                        };         makeOverOut(ship,meshid,type);         octree.dynamicContent.push(ship);         octree.useOctreeForCollisions;         //newMeshes[0].checkCollisions = true;         temp.setMesh(ship);        });};
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    Kilombo got a reaction from Temechon in Physic test - Oimo.js   
    Really great stuff mate, good work. We are really missing one alternative to cannon.js
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    Kilombo reacted to Deltakosh in Clear viewport.   
    Because you control the renderLoop, you can just load all your scenes and then:
    engine.runRenderLoop(function() { engine.scenes[currentSceneIndex].render();});
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    Kilombo reacted to Wingnut in Clear viewport.   
    That's Deltakosh's idea. 
    The babylon engine is already designed for multiple scenes.  How one goes about switching between engine.scenes[0] and engine.scenes[1]...  I have no idea.  But others might.  And you know Deltakosh and the other big dogs around here.  If its possible, they will install a function to help you do it. 

    The playground makes the first scene FOR you... as the first alert indicates.  Then I make another scene, and the second alert tells us it worked. 
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    Kilombo got a reaction from Wingnut in Label on top of an objects   
    Wingnut..... You are saving every body day
    I was just working on some buttons in Blender so that i could importe them has meshes. But your demo just solved my problem for the buttons, and dad72 problem.
    Thanks mate.
    I'll put you on the credits in my work (well..... isn't anything special, isn't ?!?!, lol ), you really helped me already in a bunch of things.
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    Kilombo got a reaction from Deltakosh in lensFlare draw distance.   
    Well..... What can I say.... My brain just burned out or something. Lol......  Thanks for the feature.
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    Kilombo got a reaction from Wingnut in Babylon Action Manager ExecuteCodeAction :- identify the elment   
    Djee... mate. I totally agree with you. But..... I think you are beeing a but hard in your speech. After all.... It's open source. The community it's speechless (by this i mean, everyone helps everyone, and the developers listen the users everyday). I feel that the developers do make one hell of one effort do answer and help anyone. We can ask if it is possible to implement stuff. But i don't think that the users are in a position to claim anything.
    By this i don't want to be hard on you also. Since you are a really good contributor (in my point of view) and one of the most active members of the community (and the funniest also), and you probably should stay has you are.... What the hell, I don't know what i'm talking about anymore.   Lol.
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    Kilombo reacted to Deltakosh in Memory consumption difference between 1.11 and 1.12-beta   
    skyboxMaterial.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTexture("Textures/Skyboxes/1_1/space", scene, null, true);
    BTW please use the latest beta, Gwenael found a problem with a merge we did recently that generate textures twice larger than expected
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    Kilombo got a reaction from Wingnut in Memory consumption difference between 1.11 and 1.12-beta   
    Nope, wrong answer Wingnut  , You did answer my question, because, in line 1086 says if (!noMipmap) do generateMipmap, and thats the point, if I don't use the parameter, noMipmap will be empty or Null, so... there will be noMipmap, and by that it will generate a Mipmap texture. Now... the real question, is.... What do I put there so that it doesn't generate mipmap textures ?
    So, you actually helped out
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    Kilombo reacted to Temechon in Problem with javascript   
    Hello again my dear english-friendly user, 
    This forum is dedicated to Babylon.js in particular, and not webgl.
    Moreover, if you display the console of your browser (F12 on IE, chrome and Firefox) and look at the errors, you will find this one : 
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'beginPath' of null Try this : 
    var ctx = canvas.getContext("2d"); Next time, try to post your question in the good forum
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    Kilombo reacted to Wingnut in Memory consumption difference between 1.11 and 1.12-beta   
    Kilo... take a look at...

    Look at lines 22-24. 
    22:  if (!extensions) {
    23:       extensions = ["_px.jpg", "_py.jpg", "_pz.jpg", "_nx.jpg", "_ny.jpg", "_nz.jpg"];
    24:  }
    Line 22 does a boolean test for extensions... so you could put an array of extension strings in that third parameter, if wanted.  Or... false or 0... if you want to use the default extensions to the file names.
    Now lets look at the fourth parameter.... noMipmap.  See line 30? 
    30:  this._texture = scene.getEngine().createCubeTexture(rootUrl, scene, extensions, noMipmap);
    The fourth parameter... 'noMipmap' is used in that call to an engine function.  Lets go look at that function...

    Line 1056 is where the function is, but look at lines 1086 - 1088
    1086:   if (!noMipmap) {
    1087:       gl.generateMipmap(gl.TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP);
    1088:   }
    A boolean test is done on that parameter, too.
    I didn't answers any questions about including them or not, but now you can see what happens to those values.  It is quite possible that the last two parameters ARE optional.  So, you see, I didn't help you at all.  I just talked.  hehe.  Deltakosh will probably have some words about it.  Hope you're well.
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    Kilombo reacted to Dad72 in point   
    It would like to say that my online translator is good ? 
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    Kilombo got a reaction from Deltakosh in point   
    Man... You really have to get a better english translator. I've got serious dificulties in understanding what you need.
    The link is this:
    Anyway you can check the documentation topic in here: (it's where I went in the first place).