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  1. My issue is that you're sending off your code to a third party, with little in the way of assurances they won't misuse it. Of course, HTML5 games don't have a particularly secure codebase, but I'd still feel more comfortable doing my own packaging. From what I can tell, both their regular and Premium services are completely free. They use their own product to release games, so maybe they're just sharing their own internal tools?
  2. Just for everyone's knowledge, Intel XDK and PhoneGap don't support WebGL, it looks like CocoonJS might be the only framework that does WebGL on iOS.
  3. The Intel XDK looks really well put together, but it still uses cloud packaging, which is strange. Still, there's a ton of testing features built-in, so it might be worth it.
  4. Whoa, the Cocoon WebGL demo is great, looks like a great option, although I'm not sure about their cloud packaging system.
  5. Okay, so I've made a simple game in Phaser, and I want to develop it further as a dedicated mobile app. I'm not particularly familiar with creating mobile apps with JavaScript, so what would you recommend? Here's a list of things I've looked at, but I'm not even sure if they would all work for this type of thing. Sencha Touch PhoneGap ionic Cordova jQuery Mobile dojo mobile BackboneJS Kendo UI React Furthermore, are there any mobile apps created with Phaser? If so, I'd love to check them out and see how they perform.
  6. Hi everyone! We (Dream Show Adventures) used Phaser to create Chacket Valleyparker: DRILL BUNNY! Ludum Dare page Direct Link Using Phaser was a blast, and I can't wait to check out everyone else's games!
  7. Well, at this point I guess I'll just scale everything up individually and set smoothing to false. Thanks anyway.
  8. I did this as well, and it's not helping. I figured it would work, but it did not seem to.
  9. I've seen a few tips on how to disable anitaliasing and smoothing, but nothing seems to work, and many of the posts are quite outdated. Right now I'm doing this: if ( {, false);} else { = false;} = false; = false; = gameWidth * zoom; = gameHeight * zoom;;Where zoom is 2, so it scales nicely, but the antialiasing is still destroying the pixel art, suggesting that nothing I've done is working. Any ideas?
  10. I'm working with PixiJS to create a web app with OS-like functionality (source here: so I obviously need to have stuff related to mouse and touch events. I've tried stuff like this (based on the examples): this.interactive = true;this.mousedown = this.touchstart = this.onClick.bind(this);this.mouseup = this.touchend = this.mouseupoutside = this.touchendoutside = this.onRelease.bind(this);But it's hit or miss. BitmapText will function normally but DisplayObjectContainers may or may not, and Graphics seem to never register clicks. Is there something I'm missing? It appears that all of these elements should support mouse and touch events.