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  1. Thanks guys for your precious advices I have made a few changes. * Slowed the background speed * Added two stars layer for parallax effect Can be Played here
  2. I recently made a game with phaser and noticed that when I press down key the page goes down. Similarly the same happens with up key. Even space key makes the page scroll down. The game gets the keys and works the way it should work but the page also scrolls. This totally ruins the fun. How to handle this situation???
  3. If you write your own game engine it could double your work as you have to write a game engine and your game. Phaser is great engine. You can try it. If you don't want gravity you can use that way. And if you don't want a high level game engine but a game engine that does the rendering stuff and you can write your logic over it then you can try pixi.js. It is the same engine that powers the phaser game engine.
  4. You can Split your game into two parts : Client Side and Server side. CooconJS is like a web browser with better canvas implementation so it will not understand node.js code. Rather you can create a game in a way that it only renders the game and the node.js logic is separately hosted somewhere else.
  5. After knowing about lessmilk, I got so inspired that I too have decided to create a game a week. Atleast I would try to achieve that Here is my first game in this series. It's a very basic simple shooter game made with some free art. I have used Phaser for this game. This may not be a good game but I wanted to atleast begin making games to get the confidence to make more games. The code is available on github. I hope beginners can use it for learning purpose. Play it here