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  1. I see your points chg and AzraelTycka, I will try to test it in those directions as well. Thanks!
  2. People can be sad or happy about it, but HTML5 is on the rise for the sole reason that it can even run on your fridge if it can start a browser. My friend has a flatscreen TV what I frequently use to test my games just for the heck of it. Hard to beat such a generic and portable technology on the long run.
  3. So ... it seems that I have asked such a difficult question what no one can answer, or at least point me to the general direction of the answer. Thats encouraging and disheartening at the same time...
  4. Hello all! One of my colleagues pointed out a flaw in the latest game of ours - http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/17543-html5-ladybirds/ : When you run the game with firefox, in around every 10 seconds there is a small but noticeable lagspike. I have checked the performance of the animation frames in firefox, and besides the hectic GC behavior, I found huge gaps between browser triggered animation frames: Look at the picture I have included, the part in the red circle is where you experience the framerate drop, and the red arrrow shows the huge gap, while the browser doesnt fire animfra
  5. Ladybugs move as they want yes, that is the basic concept. If you poke them they first try to avoid danger (=you) by speeding up roughly in the direction they are facing, but if you keep pestering them while they are already running, they will change directions randomly as an advanced tactic. This way, with some practice, you can try to control their movement. It still keeps its random nature though, because ladybirds are on the top of the food chain, so they basically dont give a damn about what you want. Luck on your side is a good thing of course, but as all levels measure time, if you
  6. Thank you BdR and bruno_ for finding this error, you rock! It was connected to the language settings of the browser, no wonder it evaded our testing so easily. It is now fixed, if you would want to give it another go. Thanks again!
  7. HTML5 Action game for children and adults alike. Poke the ladybirds and guide them to eat plant lice to unlock levels on four difficulty. This is a demo version, the final version has 18 levels including 3 kid mode levels. You can use your facebook login to save your score and compete against other players. It was specifically designed to run on all mobile devices. You can play it on the following link: http://ifritgames.com/lbdemo
  8. This is fun, and looking at the popularity of horror games in these days, the timing is also good for such a game idea. One thought, you can make it real easy with fast movement of the flashlight, almost like you can produce a continuous lightning effect. If thats not intended, you could define a maximum movement speed for the light to prevent this. Ifritgames
  9. Just a quick note: based on feedback, I have changed the ships speed to move around on the screen faster. Say its speed was 2 and now it is 3, for your reference.
  10. Hey thanks! We were thinking about this during development, along the lines of a screen shake or border color flash when a ground object is destroyed, but the testers dropped the idea. I think the reason why they voted against it, is that most of our testers are age 25+, and they found screen shaking more disturbing than fun. They said, that we can only implement it, if players can switch it off. Seeing the lack of support from their side, we went without it for now. In any case I am happy you liked it, and thank you for your comment!
  11. Destroyer Type: Side-scroller, Written in: HTML5 / javascript, Version: 1.0 Destroyer is a retro style side-scrolling bomber with neon colored vector graphics. The player's task is to fight through thirty procedurally generated levels with gradually increasing difficulty, destroying as many ground objects as possible. The first three levels are ship control training and tips, and every level have a minimum score you have to beat to unlock the next one. The game features centrally stored leaderboard with login option and graphic help / tutorial. Icons on the scorebar allow you to
  12. Dont be silly, every game concept is worth the effort of finishing if its your creation and you find joy in creating it! Hell, you could just sit at home developing games only for your own joy, showing them to noone, and even that wouldnt be a wasted effort. Back to your game, the idea is nice, lot of parts are missing what would make it a game, but that was expected, as its [WIP]. Go and finish it! You never know, maybe people would like to play it.
  13. Base on CapybaraCreations remark, I have changed the way the game handles login and leaderboard processing. Previously there was a login popup displayed after you won a game for the first time, and the game wanted to save the highscores. Now you have more control over this. The highscore menu only display "show highscores" if you are logged in. Until you are not logged in to the highscore system, it will display "save scores" instead, showing that you have the option to save your scores, but its not happening yet. After you click on save scores, the logon popup is displayed. At the same ti
  14. I just put it here, that someone from here have reached 252 points. Whoever it was, I want to say one thing: Impressive!
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