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  1. The bug seems to only appear with the launcher, after building the apk and installing it on the device it seems to work without issues :/ Thank you for helping out
  2. Does the game start immediately or do you have to press "START GAME" first for the preloader to appear? On which phone did you test it? About the console: I'm not entirely sure if the console is working tbh. My CocoonJSLauncher app has updated recently and my console now looks like this:
  3. My current game has a nasty bug when being tested with the CocoonJS-launcher on my Nexus 5: Instead of automatically preloading and starting, I need to click on a link first: url removed It works fine in the browser (phone and desktop) but not with the launcher. Anybody know what might cause this? Update: I use WebView+
  4. Thank you for your answers, I already backed off from P2 on the server and reverted back to simplified movement (x += 2 for example). I will try to implement the other concepts as well in the prototype to figure out how this all works. Will update you here as I dig deeper into this topic
  5. @lewster32 & @Vaughan: I just created a prototype that uses the P2.js physics engine on the server and phaser on the client, is this what you were referring to? The next step now would be to implement the various multiplayer concepts, referring to these articles: - - -
  6. I'm currently developing a 2-player multiplayer game with phaser, Node.js and Sock.js Right now the users just send there x,y-position coordinates to the server which then broadcasts this information to the other player and vice versa. This was the first prototype and after evaluating the functionality I now want to switch to a server-authority model to prevent cheating etc. My question is: How would this be best done with phaser? Is there a way to install phaser on the server or at least the physics engine? Are there any tutorials that specifically target phaser with this approach? Looking forward to your experience with this topic
  7. Hello I tested my game on my mobile phone and discovered one issue: when I try to swipe down with my finger over the canvas object, the screen doesn't scroll down. Is this a general "issue" with the canvas object on mobile or something phaser specific? Does anybody know a simple way to enable swiping? Is it done with touchmove?
  8. Is there maybe some other, more appropriate way to scale a game/make it responsive? Is scaling usually done with "game.scale"?
  9. Hello everyone I'm currently having an issue with button-hitboxes after I scale the game down, the buttons scale down as well but the hitboxes for the buttons remain at their original position. I create my phaser game with the following line of code: var game = new Phaser.Game(480, 640, Phaser.AUTO, 'gameCanvas', { preload: preload, create: create, update: update, render: render });The scaling is done through css (giving the canvas object a width of 100%): canvas {width: 100%; max-width: 480px;}Is anyone familiar with this issue? Is it maybe the wrong scaling approach using css? Any help is greatly appreciated!