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  1. Plays nicely, looks really good. I don't know any Russian, so I don't know exactly which towers I'm selecting. But it runs smoothly.
  2. Thanks, Lewster. I guess I'll be tweaking it a bit.
  3. I'm trying to get my player controls to be more responsive. Currently, when I stop inputting directions, the player stops quickly. However, if I try to change directions quickly, switching immediately from left-to-right (or vice versa) my player slides a bit in the original direction. How can I fix this? See the game here: http://lyledenman.com/portfolio/games/worldhopper/index.html Controller code below: *Note playerHigh and playerLow describe the player's coordinates as near the top or the bottom of the rectangle. onLeft and onRight describe whether the player is touching the side of the
  4. Should I be doing this project with Arcade physics? Or would P2 make more sense?
  5. @mike & @valueerror, Thank you for the responses and ideas. I've been playing with this a bit and I have this so far: http://lyledenman.com/phaser/gravity/ *You can currently JUMP using the UP or Spacebar key if you are on the top/bottom of the planet. I really want to keep the rectangle, though I can see it causing some issues with gravity on the X axis. I would like for the Y gravity to turn off completely while the player is on the side of the rectangle, but that is just a matter of tweaking my code a bit.
  6. I'm working on prototyping a game that will allow a player to walk all the way around a sprite (think of it as a planet, despite it being a rectangle). Please view the very simple idea here: http://lyledenman.com/phaser/gravity/ Instead of the player falling off the side of the "planet" and landing on the ground below, I want him to be able to walk all the way around the rectangle. Is this possible using Arcade physics? Basically, I want to set the rectangle sprite to have its own gravity. Also, I'd like to eventually add another "planet" which has its own gravity. Any ideas? Would I hav
  7. I'm completely new to HTML game making. Phaser is my first framework. I got curious about how tilemaps worked. If you already know, you may not need this. If you're brand new, check out this tutorial I found: http://www.emanueleferonato.com/2013/12/17/create-web-and-mobile-html5-games-with-phaser-framework/ If you have any good tilemap tutorials to add (specifically applying to Phaser), please add them here.
  8. Wow, I like this. Simple idea, plays great on Chrome. My only suggestion (as a color-deficient human being) is to change green and yellow to something more distinguishable. I keep losing because I see those colors as very similar.
  9. Tasty music. i like the concept. I feel like there should be more space (leave the screen size the same but make all the game elements smaller) to increase reaction time possibility. Really smooth game.
  10. This seems best for a touch screen of some sort. Using the mouse was difficult. I like your idea. Perhaps the flame can be lower on the screen to give more reaction time? And possible the flame could start across the bottom, and each drop put out a small chunk? Just an idea.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, MvP, and for checking it out. You're right. A rainbow background should greet the player.
  12. This little project is my first attempt at making a game. It is "complete" in that I am likely done working on this since I've learned what I set out to learn: loading sprites, basic controls input, switching game states, simple logic flows, etc. I hope you enjoy or at least get a laugh out of it. Any critique is appreciated. Play here: http://lyledenman.com/phaser/roy/ Source: https://github.com/lobsterhands/Roy
  13. valueerror, thanks for the examples! I'll study the code after I'm done studying finals *grumble grumble degree*. Much appreciated!
  14. Chris, I got it working using: function onBlock (obj1, obj2) { if (this.input.keyboard.isDown(Phaser.Keyboard.LEFT)) { this.player.body.acceleration.x = -this.ACCELERATION; } else if (this.input.keyboard.isDown(Phaser.Keyboard.RIGHT)) { this.player.body.acceleration.x = this.ACCELERATION; } else { this.player.body.x = block.body.x+10; // effectively centers the player on this block } }It seems clunky, but it works so.... situation: improved. If I don't include the +10 to the block.body.x position, it just drops the player as far left on the block as possible, wh
  15. Does anyone have an idea of how my player can "ride" a moving sprite. I want to jump on a horizontally moving block and my player to remain fixed in place on the block. Currently (with simple collision working) the block moves out from under the player. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd be grateful.
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