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    ivanix reacted to b10b in Flambe.js music issues in Chrome 66   
    @ekarda I imagine you don't want a "click to play" button on the e-card?  So options that allow sound to be heard directly from a new user opening a new link will be limited (Media Engagement Index might kick in for repeat visitors who engage with the cards).  A creative approach might be to ask the user to "open their card" taking it out of an envelope and thereby capturing the interaction event necessary to enable autoplay?
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    ivanix reacted to Ninichi in [Music] Ninichi - Experienced Game Music Composer for Hire   
    Shakey's Escape original game music soundtrack is available on bandcamp. 
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    ivanix reacted to Eric Matyas in Super-Affordable Custom Music for Your Games   
    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to let you know that I've been creating custom tracks for developers in addition to the free ones that I post daily on my website, soundimage.org.

    In keeping with my goal, which is to make good-sounding music available to anyone, I've been trying very hard to keep costs low for indie developers and artists...and so far, most of them have actually been surprised at how affordable custom music can be. If you need something special created for your project, feel free to email me...my email address is at the bottom of my homepage.

    All the best,

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    ivanix reacted to sushisto in Boomerang Chang, now in HTML5   
    Hello Guys,
    Just wanted to show you my first HTML5 game : Boomerang Chang (http://www.crazygames.com/game/boomerang-chang). There was already a Flash, an Android and an IOS version. But HTML5 is just fresh ! I also wrote an article about the process building the game with libgdx : https://www.crazygames.com/blog/2018/03/07/A-libgdx-journey-with-HTML5/
    Cheers !
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    ivanix reacted to Samuel Girardin in Energy.js playground   
    I've made few playgrounds using energy.js (it's a physic engine) , so you can test the engine live. It's still an alpha version, but you can fun ! 
    bounce box
    ball joint
    wood machine
    vehicle (arrow keys)
    Typescript sources, grunt, etc : github
    It's quite  tricky to get the engine works on the playground (append script and refresh), maybe you can have after multiple run a memory error).
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    ivanix got a reaction from LTGIV in Phaser & SVG Files   
    Just my two cents,
    It would be great if there was some type of on the fly svg to canvas converter that would run after the game determined the display resolution of the device.  It would reduce the need for graphic assets of different  dimensions to support low end and HD displays. It should also reduce overall game size and improve network downloads.
    Optionally, it could allow for players to mod svg attributes prior to game play such as color, size, etc.
    Some links I came across regarding potential advantages:
    and using the older canvg:
    and update without canvg:
    Some really cool ideas out there!
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    ivanix reacted to tips4design in Best Typescript/Phaser IDE?   
    Currently Visual Studio Code is the best IDE for TypeScript by far (it's made by Microsoft, so is Typescript so it comes with default Typescript support). This is a no brainer, go with VSCode and you won't regret it.
    Get it here: https://code.visualstudio.com/
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    ivanix reacted to ivan.popelyshev in Very slow CanvasRenderer performance for just 3 sprites   
    If you want to make a tilemap, I recommend to search through this forum. Every week there's tilemap thread where I explain everything all over again.
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    ivanix got a reaction from flowabuse in Asteroids prototype i made a while ago using Typescript and Phaser.   
    Nice graphics!  Are you running it on a chromebook?
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    ivanix reacted to willeastcott in Make AR Browser Games with PlayCanvasAR   
    I'm excited to announce the open-sourcing of PlayCanvasAR - a cool extension to PlayCanvas that enables browser-based AR games (and other apps), even on mobile:
    Here's a little video:
    We tweeted about it here:
    Please help us spread the word with a retweet if you like what you see! 
    And let us know what you think!
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    ivanix reacted to Jammy in Is there a way to use a mobile device as a pad on desktop?   
    Just imagine you were building a multiplayer game without the multiplayer. Your mobile device is player 2 and sends controls, your desktop is player 1 and receives controls and updates the screen. You could use either a sever on the desktop as the comms layer or you could try WebRTC and make some form of peer to peer connection. (http://peerjs.com/)
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    ivanix reacted to jeromeetienne in BABYLON.Augmented Reality ...   
    Update: we got the resize running. So we got a running prototype (object pose, projection matrix, window resize) are all handled. Now we need to clean the code.
    here is a video of the working resize - 
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    ivanix reacted to borngamer in Other ways of making money from html5 game except selling to sponsors   
    Years ago when I was in the Flash game development scene I used to sell my own ad space directly to advertisers. Most of the time it was to smaller companies sold through e-Bay but in the end it was a win-win situation for everyone. I'd make more money from the advertising and the advertiser had a much higher visibility in my games. If I had extra space in my inventory I supplemented it with Google Ads or another ad network.
    If you are effective in your approach and you have popular games, you can work with your customers to offer some in-game branding or other perks that your advertisers pay for and your players may enjoy. An example may be a prize wheel between games sponsored by your advertiser where the play wins some in-game items such as an upgrade or real physical promotional items through your advertiser.
    When I do get further along in my new game I'll be looking at attempting this again to see if it still works. It will of course all depend on how popular the game is as nobody is going to pay for a game with 500 plays.
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    ivanix reacted to BdR in Other ways of making money from html5 game except selling to sponsors   
    I downloaded your Top Shootout game for Android and it runs surprisingly smooth on Galaxy A5. Is it developed with three.js I assume? How did you package it as a native app and get it to run so smoothly?
    One tip I have for releasing games in app stores, is that you should incentivise your players to leave an app rating, by unlocking a little extra that is a nice-to-have but not necessary to the game. So have a button "rate this game to unlock the special hat" or bonus level or whatever. This will usually result in more ratings, which will boost your app in the app store lists, search results etc.
    Technically, you can not check if the user actually leaves a rating but I have found that it is enough to have a button that simply links to the app store, and just assume they will leave a rating if they press that button. For itunes the URL should be something like "itms://itunes.apple.com/us/app/apple-store/id1234567890?mt=8" and for Android it is "market://details?id=com.mycompany.myapp" or something like that. You can subliminally suggest a good rating by displaying 5 stars on the button
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    ivanix reacted to jogosgratispro in Making money with HTML5 in 2016   
    License is the best way to go. I started selling templates on sites like Scirra and CodeCanyon, then I moved into getting contracts and now I am licensing my games.  License is better because a template you would sell for $15 - $30 while I get $300 for a non-exclusive contract for a game. Also, when I license a game I don't make the source code available while when you sell templates you kind of have to.
    I am finalizing my new website to go full time in licensing my games. I hope to quit my job as Marketing director to only dedicated my time in making games
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    ivanix reacted to Jammy in Try saying this 10 times fast   
    var interstellar
    //interstellar means interstential or something like that
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    ivanix reacted to FlashyGoblin in Phaser-ce: is it stable?   
    2.6.2 is pretty stable. If you want to play it safe, maybe start with 2.6.2, and then switch to CE if there are any particular features you need from it. It all depends on your game and what features you may need. 
    However, CE does have some pretty cool enhancements, and by using it, asking questions, and sharing, you help further the community.
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    ivanix reacted to scheffgames in Quick Tips for the Solo Game Developer   
    Also don't forget exercise and eat healthy. Keep crunch at minimum levels. Socialize. Don't abandon project mid-time just because the code it's a mess and you "can do it better if you start over". Remember to shower.
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    ivanix reacted to scheffgames in I've grown attached to this community.   
    I've browsed forums before, been a member on many but it's probably the first time when I've grown fond of a community. It does feel good to help other users and be helped in return. Being (virtually) with like minded people that share similar interests (programming, game dev) it's also quite nice. And unlike many forums where one wastes time here the time it's spent usefully. 
    All in all it's an honor and a pleasure being part of html5gamedevs. Hear, hear!
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    ivanix reacted to qwertzui11 in blubVolley   
    Hi everone
    I created a small 3d volley ball game called blubVolley
    at https://blub-game.com you can find the landing page
    at https://blub-game.com/play/ you can play the game right away.
    I uses three.js for the 3d and audio stuff, OpenUI5 for the ui. The servers got implemented in C++ with the libraries boost, websocketpp and I used google v8 for the bot scripting. For offline play the game got packed by electron.
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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    ivanix reacted to BunBunBun in gunfight.io   
    Hi Everyone,
    GunFight.io - original HTML5 multiplayer game. Select your team Counter-terrorists or Terrorists and have fun!

    Made with: Phaser + NodeJS server framework - custom version of Colyseus
    scheduled to add: 
    1) Multi-language support
    2) May be bots?
    3) Mobile device support.
    4) More emotions.
    Any suggestion and feedback are welcome.
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    ivanix got a reaction from mattstyles in HTML Web App Wrappers / Phonegap Alternatives   
    My 2 centavos,
    Trying to stop code and asset theft is like prohibiting drinking and prostitution.  About the only thing you can count on is that most thieves are lazy so they will search for the lowest hanging fruit.
    As a developer, there is two types of theft I would worry about. First one is they steal the graphic assets for use in their own game. Second is they simply relabel my app or game as theirs and take all the credit. 
    If you can somehow encrypt just the graphics or spritesheets, then you can put up a little barrier for both situations. 
    CodeAndWeb's TexturePacker can encrypt sprites heets which can be decoded by Cocos2d.  I am not sure why they don't have a JS decoder for HTML5 games, but it should be feasible.  Disclaimer: I have not used their product yet, but looks promising. I will follow up someday on this.
    Another simple way to encrypt your sprite sheets is load them into canvas, then use the same techniques used for picture puzzles to cut out and scramble the pieces. Save the scrambled version as a static image that will be found in the assets folder.  The puzzle code will have info to put the pieces back in their original position and orientation, this info will be the decoding key.
    The decoding key should not be included in the app itself. It should be retrieved from your server at runtime, preferably after the user/player has logged in using some time of trackable authentication i.e. social login.
    That's the basics, but let's extend it a little further.  Think about excluding some of the puzzle pieces from the static file, which can only be retrieved from the server after the player authenticates and gets the decoding key.  When the app retrieves the missing tiles from your server.  You can have your server "watermark" the missing tiles using the decoderkey + the social id.
    In that way,  when the time comes that you find your sprite sheets out on the internet,  you have some chance of tracing down who was the one leaking them.
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    ivanix reacted to Dabney in Anything like websockets I can use with no backend experience? Can I use AJAX?   
    Check out the HappyFunTimes library for building local multiplayer games using smartphones as controllers.  It is available on GitHub: https://github.com/greggman/HappyFunTimes 
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    ivanix reacted to Raggar in Cannon.js Vehicle Playground   
    This is a (sort of) port of the Three.js vehicle demo using Cannon.js, in case someone is looking for vehicle physics or just want to play with it.
    I made some weird choices like sperating the renderLoop and the postStep, and some quesswork here and there. And some options are left out, but can easily be added by looking at the Cannon.js docs or logging the vehicle object itself. This includes ConnectionPoints, which wheels steer, back or front wheels etc.
    Just play with the options, and press the "Run with Options" in the bottom of the Dat.GUI.
    WASD to drive around. Space to brake.
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    ivanix reacted to alex_h in Good Ways to Fight Distractions?   
    I guess you tried caffeine already?
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