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  1. Quick question: I want to update a sprite's P2 body force to equal a constant value in a given direction. With polar coordinates, that's easy: I just set the magnitude and direction to what I want. With phaser points though, the only function for setting a point's coordinates directly (Phaser.Point#set) only seems to support cartesian coordinates. Is there an easy way to set a Phaser point to a set of polar coordinates, without having to convert from polar to cartesian coordinates myself? (Cross-posted on StackOverflow)
  2. Hello, I'm completely new to Phaser, and I've been reading through various guides and tutorials for the past several hours. I think I'm starting to get a pretty good idea of how Phaser works, but I still feel like I'm missing something. All the existing tutorials I've read through seem to immediately jump into an explanation of how to make a Phaser game by instantiating the game object, giving it a state, and then writing code in the various callback (reserved?) functions. That's great for a quick "getting started" type guide, but as with any new framework I learn it sort of feels like the
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