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  1. Hello,We are interested for the HTML5 game development project.We have very good experience in the field of HTML5 Games.We are sure we can help you.You can played our games in website or blog:http://cirta-games.com you can contact us : BEST REGARD
  2. Hi all Our games are very fun and hight quality, you can choose what do you want from them here in our website Thanks
  3. Hi I sent you an email with some links of our games (some of them are available in IOS and ANDROID)
  4. HI it's a great initiative from you and welcome in our community , we hope we will make very strong connections. is there any email that we can contact you ?
  5. Thanks for trying the game Loopeex, The game worked fine in Firefox 12.0 but when i tried it in the latest version (Firefox 29.0.1) I got the same error as you. We have fixed it, it should work fine now Thanks.
  6. BigiBigi The Guardian BigiBigi is in charge of keeping the cheese safe from the mice. You have to help BigiBigi in its mission of aborting the mice's attack and keeping safe Uncle Ben's cheese. Play BigiBigi The Guardian We hope you will enjoy playing our game. Any mobile test, feedback or suggestion is welcomed
  7. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions guys ! We are aware of the parallax problem, but if we fix that problem, another one will show up. If we make the velocity of the rocks same as the velocity of the background we will lose the depth effect, because logically the movement of the far rocks should be slower than the movement of the near rocks.
  8. Thanks suntemple , this remark is important, but currently this version of the game is already sold to other sponsor,So we can not make any changes now but it is still possible to make it in our games that we will make later.