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  1. lo.th

    ThreeJS animation

    cool model the best for this is https://github.com/sunag/sea3d
  2. RT @sea3dformat: ~500k polygons in demo + FPC source - https://t.co/iUklzTSM3b #sea3d #threejs #webgl #gamedev https://t.co/Xv0BpWLzSi

  3. Update to last version on Three.js 75 and sea3d big performance boost, light and cool height map
  4. simply use math var Orbit = function (origine, h, v, distance) { origine = origine || new THREE.Vector3(); var p = new THREE.Vector3(); var phi = v*Math.PI / 180; var theta = h*Math.PI / 180; p.x = (distance * Math.sin(phi) * Math.cos(theta)) + origine.x; p.z = (distance * Math.sin(phi) * Math.sin(theta)) + origine.z; p.y = (distance * Math.cos(phi)) + origine.y; return p;}
  5. you know box2d are you sure http://lo-th.github.io/Liquid.lab/
  6. lo.th

    Rapt webgl game

    Thank's i add editor for testing particle possibility http://lo-th.github.io/RAPT/particle_labs.html next the keyframe editor for puppet's animation
  7. yes very nice game maybe add some animation in background or particle effect if you have space
  8. hi give a name 'object' is not a good idea in javascript object is Object methode {} of javascript, use obj instead
  9. http://lo-th.github.io/RAPT/index.html RAPT is a full convert of "Robots Are People Too" engins to 3d on three.js. in dev beta version, but some cool tool puppet animation, easy particle engin, geometry construction...
  10. not really if you use only one collision oimo is 152 ko and keep low cpu use
  11. why don't use physics engine here my engine : OIMO for more shape support AMMO or the very good CANNON
  12. for me three is the best solution 3 big reason for that 1 _ is the lightweight library for web is perfect. (blender js code on html is unreadable) 2 _ this is the fastest and most comprehensive. 3 _ many many exemples and possibility (codding shader is the best option for your project ) you don't need unity or unreal for web is not usable (html5 code > 3 Gb both ) ps: i'm not user of Babylon (just tested one time first version for my physics library, slow with many objects ).
  13. lo.th

    3D model search engine

    hey great search engine
  14. no only a start game prototype