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  1. Experts please tell me if that can be done right now or not , if not I'll have to change these tiles to something else.
  2. well that's something that the Arcade physics needs work on right ? Right now I'm stuck at the beginning :/
  3. What about the Ninja ? The example looks like what I need it to be , except for the Circle(ball)
  4. I see that we have that Ninja example here, this is actually what I'm looking for But I'm not going to use a ball, instead its going to be a character and I'm actually using the Arcade physics.
  5. Hello Guys I'm really happy to join you and I started to like the Phaser framework. It is really simple, easy and effective. Anyway, I'm trying to make a mario style game. I faced a small problem with inclined ground parts. An image is attached. I am still new and I started to become really interested,I hope I find it worthy Thank you