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  1. duh had error in mobile settings - solved
  2. Hi I have a game running successfully on desktop. However when I load the same game on iOS and Android, nothing even shows up. When I connect the device and do USB debugging I'm getting this error in Chrome: Uncaught Error: Phaser.Signal: listener is a required param of add() and should be a Function. phaser.js:17067 Works fine on desktop. I'm rendering using AUTO, should I change it to canvas? Thanks Mark
  3. Ah sorry I misinterpreted what you meant ! Perhaps another forum might be appropriate as this is for Phaser
  4. Just wondered if this is going to be a 'real' paper book or just PDF? Not interested in PDF as there's nothing like thumbing through a code book and marking useful sections. If it's a real book, I'm in!
  5. There's an example file that does just this, albeit just with coins, but I used this technique to position enemies and it worked. Hope it helps
  6. I wouldn't want to handwrite something like that. Personally I used Tiled (a free, open source tile map editor) It just exports the JSON file and is a nice visual editor. I realize there maybe a reason you want to hand write it!! Hope that helps.
  7. Just tested. No problems at all on Nexus 4 now running through Webview+ on CocoonJS. Only managed to get it fall out once on regular Chrome browser, so very pleased with that enhancement. For anyone else struggling with this issue, I added this code on the update function:, this.layer); = 50; Sprite = player and layer = tilemap layer Again many thanks to NOID, didn't know that existed and I don't think I'd have worked that out from the docs
  8. Wow thanks Noid, just about to give this a go, your help is very much appreciated
  9. Thanks Karma Octopus. I increased the gravity because the physics take forever to bring the player back to ground, it just doesn't feel right. Looks like I might have to give P2 a try, better get reading...
  10. Update, it works fine in Nexus 7 through CocoonJS, very occasionally in the browser it screws up. So I think it's a problem with mobile, I chose this library because it had been developed specifically for mobile browsers. So again I ask anyone had issues running on mobile where physics are too strong and the player occasionally falls through the floor (tilemap)?
  11. This is purely a mobile issue, desktop is perfect. I have a platform game and unfortunately there are random instances when it just falls through the tilemap. It usually happens on the first play and then randomly on the third or fourth level. I've tried on Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 and it is the same. I've tried CocoonJS and same there. As I say works fine on desktop. Any ideas how I can get this working? Is a different physics worth trying (currently arcade physics)? Anyone else had this problem. Thanks for your help
  12. I've seen that there is a double tap rate that can be set, but does anyone know how to read this? Thanks
  13. markjsb

    Physics problem

    Hi I've got a slight problem with the physics in the game and it only happens on one platform, but always on that platform. If the player dies there and they click the reset game button, the game registers a 'dead' to the console log immediately. It works everywhere else... So my question is, can I reset the physics (ARCADE PHYSICS by the way!) ? Appreciate it if anyone has had problems with this sort of thing or even just how to maybe do it another way! Thanks for the great framework!