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  1. Also depending on what you're doing on the front-end it might be worth looking at Firebase. It's mindblowingly simple to setup and has the advantage that it's completely modular from your front-end. Plus you don't have to host any serverside code, and just need to find static hosting for your JS (which you can do for free with GitHub and I THINK Bitbucket as well).
  2. If you're going for better in terms of readability + scalability I think it'd really be worth using MVC structure (though in this case the V would kinda just be JSON output), and creating an API that utilizes a framework to help keep that structure together. A PHP framework I would suggest is Laravel. I find version 4 is a lot easier to pick up than version 5, but version 5 is probably enforcing some new even better advancements in software architecture / design that I totally don't understand yet. If you choose to go this route you might also consider using Lumen first which is a mi
  3. Thanks you guys, that's seriously insightful. The format Patreon takes on it's homepage totally coincides with it being largely about the person. I mean the slogan in their title is: Support the creators you love. This is cool because it totally defines a clear distinction between Patreon and other crowdfunding platforms. The only downside I see (for us as developers) is that what we do isn't inherently expressive in terms of people getting to know us as creators. I mean I love Shigeru Miyamoto because he brought the Zelda series to life, but I certainly don't know what he's like as a per
  4. Also if you're working in a team and using a source control tool like Git, you'd be less likely to run into a boatload of merge conflicts and stuff when working in separate files. Which ultimately just makes your life easier. In terms of a web context though, one thing that might be worth noting though is separating stuff into lots of files can slow down initial page load while the browser is busy waiting on a bunch of HTTP requests for the files.
  5. The only thing I'd add is it's usually a good design choice to keep your files modular. Phaser is really good for this if you want to separate different game states into different JS files. Here's a great tutorial that illustrates how useful this can be: http://www.emanueleferonato.com/2014/08/28/phaser-tutorial-understanding-phaser-states/ One big advantage is that if you make some big huge game with a bunch of different areas or whatever, you don't need to dig through one massive JS file to find stuff when it comes time to make a change. You're looking for stuff that's for level 43? Awe
  6. And if it ever got to the point where you had enough to live off of, you could reinvest the surplus donations into servers or something and start developing online games in the same fashion (although of course there would be some tough bridges to cross there in terms of security, etc). AND this is all assuming the games are actually good at all. If they totally flop the whole idea, etc. is moot.
  7. Makes sense! The way I'm thinking of trying out would in theory be without deadlines and would be quite open to feedback from beta testers (totally open betas to anyone who wants to play). Idk if this would still be considered Agile or if it would maybe be some weird middle ground between the two, but I'm thinking specifying some decent goals / milestones in some GDD-esque initial document (or probably in this case, a blog post) would be a good way to work towards a complete game. Doing something like that would also probably help identify any requests / feedback that's wildly unrela
  8. Hey all, I was wondering what you fine folk think of the platform Patreon. To be honest, I'm a little back and forth about it. It seems like a good thing and in theory would be a really cool way to fund creative endeavours that aren't designed to turn a profit, but can spur good in a variety of other ways. For some reason though accepting money via donations throws up some weird ethical issues within me that I can't quite pinpoint. Does anyone else share these feelings? I think potentially a pretty cool model could be as follows: A developer starts making some open-sou
  9. Hi everyone, I'm starting to work on a new game that will be open-source with a blog component sort of coupled together with the game, and I was wondering if people take similar approaches to developing games as they do more general software. With games (in this case an adventure-RPG platformer), there's a ton of stuff that needs to be done, such as: Plot development Character profiles and world design Making actual assets such as sprites, tilesheets, and (although I think this can be added last) music & sfx Designing special gameplay mechanics (which I th
  10. Hi all, I've started a video blog where I put all the big design questions in front of the public and basically crowdsource it. I'm curious to see what your thoughts on it are. Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPKl7m1qHqE (Figured it was okay to post on the forums as I'll be using Phaser to develop it)
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