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  1. Cool syntax for your class. Do you know what it's called?
  2. "objects" should be the name of your "object layer" in Tiled, found in the JSON: { "height":7, "name":"buildings", "objects":[ <--------- { "gid":1, "height":0, "name":"", "properties": {...
  3. Hi everyone, I recently found out about Phaser and I'm in love Quick questions: - How do you guys handle a static UI? Sprites/Text inside a group? - I would also like a menu when clicking on an object (think right-click menu). I'd like to move the container to the location of the mouse and "hide" when clicking "outside" that object. Would a sprite be the right way to go about it? Killing it to hide it? - I'm trying to use http://www.kenney.nl/assets UI Asset pack, but I'm not sure how Phaser handles the TextureAtlas XMLs. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!
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