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  1. Happy to hear it! Anything you found hard to use, or think would work better? It has room for improvement.
  2. Thanks for giving it a shot! Hmmm, were you using a touchpad or a mouse? I think we found that another game of ours wasn't fully supported with the touchpad, so I'm wondering if that's the case here too.
  3. From v2.0 to v2.1 I made a bunch of image changes: Removed: hud_3by2_phud_16by9_phud_4by3_p Filename Changed: hud_3by2_ls --> hud_3by2hud_16by9_ls --> hud_16by9hud_4by3_ls --> hud_4by3 So all those sheets it's trying to load are from v2.0, you have a cached version of the code but not the images I think. Give SHIFT + F5 or CTRL + F5 a shot to ignore the cache and it shouldn't error out. Let me know if that does the trick!
  4. Alrighty nixeldev, made that change. Decided while I was at it, I would completely restructure the code, so it should use like 10x less resources while it's at it - I wrote it really inefficient before for some reason so I was able to cut the code and memory commit by like 50%. No more graphic glitches, no more weird jumpy behavior! I didn't get around to making the info look bigger in portrait mode, but I'll get around to that eventually when I get some free time. And I don't have a github, not sure how to use it. I don't code natively in html5 - I work through Construct 2 - so I don't
  5. Description A casual, family friendly HTML5 game developed for mobile web. Match the food to the cat before their patience runs out and they leave! Click here or on the banner above to play the game or click here to navigate to our landing page for the game on our site to see more. We just put the finishing touches on yesterday, so let us know what you think and feel free to leave constructive criticism if you think there is room for improvement! Screenshots
  6. Thanks for reading through! The practices in this post are more fruitful for those developers on mobile vs PC where RAM is much scarcer and performance is much more affected. I'm still solidifying my understanding of everything as well, so I'm glad you mentioned the 'paging' done by browsers! We had worked with application wrappers that don't use the paging system too, so it's like you said - it always depends on your particular scenario/environment. Especially on mobile where the page sizes would be smaller, which would make it easier to create extra pages with odd image dimensions. As fo
  7. What I aim to do with this blog post is set people on the right path from the get go with how image size in RAM works. I also want to provide others with the system I used to audit my image RAM and process I used to cut out inefficiencies. This should help you to get a good visual overview of which of your images are wasting the most RAM and where you can cut the fat. You can plug in the image asset list from your exported project and the sheet will give you some nice color coded information that isn't too hard on the eyes. Just click the banner above or, you can click this link too:
  8. Glad you found it useful! I have plans to do a write up for the dynamic scaling technique sometime within the next month or so, to give a detailed look at how this works so others can implement it more easily in their programs.
  9. Good point! I just edited the post to add in the download for the original file. There may be a couple of extra details in the file that aren't mentioned in the tutorial, but all the major features are. Let me know how it went after you've gone through it! Any feedback will help with making future tutorials more concise.
  10. I'm a Construct 2 user myself, and actually built a utility in construct 2 using 'scale outer' along with some extra logic to dynamically scale and fill the screen regardless of what size it might be as well as give other information and help with visualizing this kind of thing. Click the banner to launch it and test it out for yourself. You can see this exact same logic in place in our upcoming title, Dragonfly Zero. Here's a quick demo of the main menu, you can stretch it any which way on PC, but if you are on mobile and set your device to landscape, it pauses the game and tells
  11. Not necessarily an update to the utility itself, but I stripped our upcoming game, Dragonfly Zero, down for a tech demo showing how by augmenting the logic used in the utility, I was able to make the game fit any screen. Figured this might help people see what is possible, I think this is one of the best approaches to the resolution issue. You can stretch the window to any size you want, any width, any height, and the game will display correctly - utilizing the most space it can. Top post is updated to show this as well.
  12. Hey guys! I've been working on animations for our upcoming game, Dragonfly Zero, and wanted to share the process including the technical facets I used to create the weapon firing animations. The write-up ended up being fairly long, but I added in pictures and humor where I could to make it more accessible. This post should be useful for artists and non-artists alike! You can either click the banner at the top, or click this URL: How To: Animate and Light Weapons Let me know what you guys think! A few of the animations:
  13. Glad you found it useful, the other features shouldn't be too hard to add in. I already started on the dynamic window resize feature, because I think that's more intuitive than the original which changes orientation mode when the game screen is sized past 1:1 in either direction. Ran into a few hiccups though, so will revisit. I need to get the numbers more precise as well, sometimes 1.77:1 (16:9) displays as 1.78:1 and some counts are off by 1 now and again, but it should be accurate enough for most uses!
  14. Alright turnA, check out the new version (landscape and portrait) and tell me if this is what you had in mind. HTML5 ResUtil 2.0 I've also updated the main post to reflect the changes.
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