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  1. Fun! How many levels do you expect to have later on? I want a license for my site Actiongame.com.
  2. Gilbert is only here for spamming links. ;(
  3. I did sent an invoice to support@famobi.com and billing@famobi.com on the 9th and just got payed today.
  4. Is it allowed to embed your games?
  5. What we do is: - We have a cookiebar in a game where users can consent or not. A consent is stored in a cookie. See mockup - We only use anonimized analytics, so no permission required. - We only use tracking cookies when users have clicked ok in the cookiebar. - We do link to a new privacy policy explaining what personal data is used and how we use cookies. All our 558 html5 games will be GDPR compliant tomorrow.
  6. We do store it in a cookie. You are right, storing it for evidence as proof creates more personal data. You can prove it though if needed by creating a page that can read the cookie
  7. 1. Yes. We show preloader ads via IMA SDK and use Google Adsense for Games. We do not show ads every round/level 2. Yes. Third party sites embed or iframe our games. 3. Usually single games, sometimes a collection of related games.
  8. Just a few weeks ago I discovered we were building a game that just also was in testing phase. But luckily although the briefing was almost the same the game turned out to be very different.
  9. Net CPM: I should have said RPM
  10. I am the Producer and Arjan is the technical lead. For the rest we rely on a team of dedicated freelancers (graphics and programming). So not only the 2 of us. On average a total team of 6-8. You could calculate break even: 6 million gameplays means about 6+ million Ad views at a CPM RPM of about 3 USD. That's all I can share..
  11. Some answers to your questions: We learned it by doing and observing other games. Before our html5 work we already did more then 500 Flash games. And first tries of new games are not Always the best, but we try to iterate and improve. This did not happen yet We work a bit different then him. We are a self Publisher. Meaning for the most part we develop the games for our own portals like NeonGames.com, MahjongGames.com, MindGames.com, Match3Games.com ........ Everything above break even on the game development works for us
  12. Today, we finished number 500 of our growing list of html5 games. We (Arjan Haverkamp and me, Bram Schoonhoven) started this journey at the end of 2013. Our first html5 game was a remake of our Flash game Animals Connect. Now almost 400 different games are launched on our various portals. Our next goal: 1,000 HTML5 games. If we keep releasing 2 new games a week, it will take us another 5 years. All our games can be licensed for your game portal or you can distribute our games for free. Some statistics: Our most played game is Candy House with 2.5 million game plays.
  13. https://www.htmlgames.com/html5-games-for-your-site/
  14. https://www.htmlgames.com Feed: https://www.htmlgames.com/html5-games-for-your-site/
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