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  1. Hi Guys, I want to make an app using framework.I dont know which framework is good for making this type of app.I want to do this in html5.I want you guys to suggest something. Example picture - Thanks!
  2. hey guys i just solved it! Communication between native and hybrid app by using addjavascriptInterface and set javsscriptEnabled. Methods
  3. I developed game using html5 and then use phonegap to run it on android.Then i made layouts in android and connect this game with these layouts.Now i just want to pass a variable value (suppose on button(a,android widget) click) from android java to javascript phonegap?? How to do this?I searched internet but nothing helps.
  4. @hafo: Can you please give some examples to do these games with help of 'wimi' editor.
  5. What you think ,how much time it will take to complete a single baby game of 4 levels,if it will recode?
  6. Is it possible to convert these baby flash games to html5?I have tried adobe html5 canvas.But the games are very heavy,working very slow on browser,and devices.What is the right way to do this?Or any other way to do these games in html5? link: http://www.babyhazelgames.com/
  7. I have a image that is breaked up into number of pieces.I want to draw Image and its pieces that should be responsive in width and height.How will i do that? Thanks!
  8. Yes they are doing manually. http://www.useragentman.com/blog/2011/10/29/clipping-jpeg-images-into-non-rectangular-polygons-using-polyclip-js/ With the help of above link ,we can clip images but i dont know how to deal it with canvas.
  9. I am using canvas for my games.I just want to make a simple engine to drag and drop these irregular pieces to make picture.And my target audience is kids. Could be like this: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/404077/Puzzle-game-for-tablets-and-SmartPhones#_comments So what is the easy way of doing this?
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