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  1. Hello. I have been honing my ability at HTML5 games. Unfortunately I have 0 artistic ability and therefore have been gaining permissions to use other art. Right now I'm using the community of Furcadia (A social MMO) to test my game while I use it's art work (Permission gained to use with a link back and non-profit only). Now I'm glad to be able to use their art especially since I love the community too so it gives them something to play, however I also wish to expand to more platforms/sites. Posting in places such as Kongregate/Newgrounds. First Step The first project I'd like an artist to take on is re-creating the art for a game that I've made a lot of progress with already using Furcadia's art. As I'm continuing to finish it, I can start making a clone and replacing the artwork/structure to make it into a game that can go out to a broader public. (The game currently) The theme for the clone can be discussed with myself and the artist(s) who wish to work on the project. Creating a version we can both be happy with! (Any theme you've been itching to get done!?) The Next Step I would like to continue a working relationship and develop more games. I have often liked to work on an interactive story that can release as either HTML5 or a windows exe (Or both!). This would also give an opportunity to begin forming a small team (Developer, Artist, Writer) in which we can all pitch in ideas and work together on the whole development. (I can write myself but more minds are always a plus). The Benefits Right now I'm totally non-profit. However once the ball gets rolling I will be starting to include Ad revenue and eventually a possibility for in-game purchases or even sales of games (Steam has a good market for indi dev and interactive stories are starting to pick up). For a small team, each focusing on their own area I would like to split profits equally. However should we have multiple people, fair percentages can be arranged based on who's doing more work in each area. (This is all collaborative and thus everything will be agreed on before the work is done so that everyone is happy!) Until that point it will offer practice and help build a collaborative relationship in which we can learn how to efficiently work with one another. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope I can get some interested parties to take part with me in this new adventure. Though it may be a slow road, we can very much have a lot of fun working together!. Michael. (Kamata)
  2. Hello My name is Michael Phelps (Commonly known by my online Alias 'Kamata' We are a small group working on making a start-up company with our idea. Currently we have a 'single player demo' of our game, however moving this over to multiplayer using signup/login to allow multiple people to play together is the next step. A 'Multiplayer Demo' in essence. We host our community on our Joomla website so having the game pull user information from our Joomla SQLi Database would be ideal to avoid multiple accounts This is an opportunity to either work on the Demo as a 'one off' or stay with us in continuing development after our Kickstarter. We hope to host in in the next month! Check out the demo here: http://roleplaydreamworld.com/Demo_2/index Please let me know if you're interested and if possible a quote so we can prepare ahead of time. There is no time restrictions on this project however the sooner the better! Thank you for your time. Michael Phelps.