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  1. Hello How do I change the collision group of an object in my game when it collides with a different object Would I have to do this is a function? could you please give an example Thanks
  2. I haven't got a field called invincible I just have a collisiongroup and a collideagaints in my code for the character. Could you please give an example of a possible solution to turn of the collision for a few seconds
  3. Hello I was wondering how would I add a 10 second invincibility power up in my game where the character can go through the obstacles and not collide with them. I have already made it possible for the character to collect the power up but it just does not do anything yet. Or would it be possible to make the obstacles disappear of the screen for 10 seconds after collecting a power up. Thanks
  4. Hello, Every time I use texturepacker for a sprite sheet and upload it to the flying dog game it does not work for me and the game freezes I have also tried to upload images individually and add it to the game asset but that doesn't work as well Can someone please help me? thanks
  5. Thanks for the advice but I have been looking at the launcher examples code and I am still confused there is too much code and I don't know what I am looking for I just want a simple banner ad on my game
  6. Hello I have been trying everything to put ads in my pandajs game but I am struggling to do so. The cocoonjs website is not clear on what code exactly I need to put into my game. I just want banner ads on the bottom of the screen Could someone please help me! thanks
  7. dont worry fixed it myself
  8. Hello I need help with this instead of adding the score I would like for to take away Below is the code to add the score but All I want to Know is how to take away a score game.scene.addScore(); thanks
  9. Thanks this helped me out a lot I managed to do what I wanted to do
  10. I am having trouble adding a sprite to this code instead of having an invisible shape that gives you points I would like to have a coin to collect which gives you points but I cant seem to get it to work could someone tell me what the code should look like if i want to add a sprite to collect this.goalBody = new game.Body({ position: {x: game.system.width + this.width / 2 + this.width + game.scene.player.body.shape.width, y: topHeight + this.height / 2}, velocity: {x: this.speed}, collisionGroup: 1, collideAgainst: 1 }); this.goalBody.collide = function() {; game.scene.addScore(); return false; }; var goalShape = new game.Sprite('media/powerup.png', this.width, this.height + game.scene.player.body.shape.height); this.sprite.anchor.x = this.sprite.anchor.y = 0.5; this.goalBody.addShape(goalShape);;; }, Thanks for any help