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  1. um, this forum has been replace 11 month's ago. You should ask here https://forum.babylonjs.com
  2. Did this just get implemented, or after 11/25?
  3. @BritneyWatch, A test version of the next Blender exporter 6.0.0 is now available. It handles cycles completely differently. Your .blend may still error, but it would only be fixed when running there. You probably would not want the result here anyway, since it was baking. That will happen much less with the new version. See this topic in the new forum
  4. I think Michigan got another option this month as well. Didn't you say something like 'lemon...'?
  5. This is the baking of all Cycles materials. This code is on the way out for the Blender 2.80 exporter, so not even going to touch the 5.6.4 exporter anymore. To validate for any other problems, switch to the internal render & add a material to replace your materials. Hopefully, you should get something thru to check other aspects. Also, post your full export .log file in future. There will be an exporter soon, which handles Cycles materials completely different soon, but it is very much a work in process.
  6. Think there is an Edge Browser which works with Hololens
  7. Also, found I missed documenting PBR property emissiveIntensity, which is gotten from Emission - Strength. Not sure if it has a STD material equivalent.
  8. I just did a iteration of change log. It is really long. GitHub md's need a couple of commits to get format right. Right now just check this right.
  9. I have completed the coding of the evaluation of nodes material trees, and am writing out either STD or PBR materials. Still need to integrate baking. This is in the javascrypt exporter. Seeing that Blender 2.80 project has over 2300 open Bugs/tasks (see absolute chart, not per day stuff), think I am going to modify the EEVEE branch: Remove the couple changes that will not work in 2.79 (lamp syntax & mesh changes which blow up eventually anyway) Migrate the new way of doing materials from TOB generate a zip file & push to branch. You may then use this f
  10. So, would this be a bump texture or a normal texture? FYI, I am assigning it to a 'bumpTexture' in the JSON file, and it loads fine? I do not see the point of doing something special when the old way has worked for years.
  11. I can not give you an answer, as I do not know, but keep believe they are cached for faster re-creation of materials used by them. Why I am answering this is if you are concerned about memory, you should really be looking at compressed textures to cut down the problem that way. The impact is massive the larger the texture being used.
  12. Do not want to clog this topic with my plans. Will put out a new topic later today on this. @Ulfheden, I have little idea of what a 'normal map' is. Unless it is something new, this is NOT Babylonian terminology. I tend to ignore people speaking Unity, maya, or whatever. That said, I'll give you one. I do not think this has anything to do with exporting. In general, if a model looks like shit in Blender, then exporting it is not going to improve it. If you want a smooth mesh without increasing your vertex count: Right click your mesh. Goto edit mode (tab key).
  13. Ok, after some more looking, selective channel baking is only (or only easily possible) for meshes which DO NOT have multiple materials. Not ready to take on baking of partial meshes. That enhancement is the next fool's problem.
  14. The current exporter is an exporter, it is not for generating stuff. It also does not do PBR. If by normal map you mean a what the geo values for normals are, then get those values assigned by whatever means you know of in Blender. The exporter will push them out. The only thing I have ever done is use the Split Edge modifier to give a flat shaded look. If you require normals at a finer level than your geometry, add a bump texture to the material.
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