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  1. I had similar problem - and I basically ended up with creating second loader to do asynchronous stuff. This second loader is a modified code of original Phaser.Loader. But it is really ugly solution... @rich I know that you don't recommend loading files async, but how you would do this when it is necessary (game needs to load fb avatars for multiplayer leader boards)?
  2. Phaser.Polygon contains area property so it is really simple
  3. Guide to tha state menager sounds really interesting. But I've got feelings that all 'the making of' will be very disappointing. On screenshots all these games looks super simple. I would really like to see something bigger and from real life. Because there is a lot of small tutorials explaining how to program simple mechanics. But problems arise when you try to make something more serious and polished. Programming something to just works is relatively easy, there are phaser examples and documentation that are enough for learning purposes. Architecture of your game and this thick layer of code
  4. 1. No. 2. No. 3. I always use canvas, because of iOS performance problems with webGL... So if it's not a huge task and it solves webpack issues - go for it. I think most of the people would not even notice any change or experience any problems because of that.
  5. Thanks for nice words, BdR Background is done in Illustrator and it is basically just: Gradient (sky, sea, sand) Few white blur lines (waves, sand lines) Bushes (circles with gradients and strong roughen effect) A lot of small dots with overlay blend mode (sand details)
  6. Beside poor graphics I think game is just too hard... I like main mechanics, but difficulty makes it rather frustrating than fun.
  7. In fullscreen after some time fps drops like crazy (~5 fps)... And maybe I'm just stupid, but I didn't understand what I suppose to do...
  8. sodomo


    Oh my God, that trippy In the first minute of gameplay I wanted suggest you changing mechanics of movement, because it seemed to be boring, but increasing angle of camera changed my mind
  9. Hello there! Another game made in Phaser is done! Marble Smash is a match-3 type of game with 2 modes: time attack (where you earn money)puzzle (where you spend money ) LINK: http://www.circusmoth.co.uk/08.15/marblesmash/ Interesting fact: there is 400 puzzles in the game. And making puzzle generator and solver was the best thing ever I hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to comment and criticize Game is available for licensing (exclusive and non). Best, Kamil Sobieszuk (CircusMoth)
  10. @BdR - I've (sort of) made it. I highly recommend iPad and GarageBand with its loops and autoplay features
  11. @BdR - that is actually a quite good idea @spencerTL - it is my first game in Phaser, but I've had some experience in programming so it is just change of tool for me. Nothing impressive
  12. In my understanding engine is something more than framework... It is existing construction, where framework is just a blueprint. My short list of pros and cons: Engines: Pros: you can get up and running really fastoften doesn't require programming knowledge (Construct, GM)you can export your project to many different plarformCons: you are closed in architecture of engineit can be impossible to debug thing if there is a bug in engineusing pseudo-code slows your develop as programmer Frameworks: Pros: you are working in the real code (you are gaining real experience)it is more flexible, gi
  13. Hello Owen, how much experience in coding do you have? You game need quite a lot of polishing, but your code is surprisingly clear
  14. I love the way character is moving around these cogs... Really cool, I would like to see something like that, but with rockets and guns BTW using only canvas primitives is quite impressive, I must admit
  15. God sake, I love the aesthetics... I mean, don't get me wrong and with no offence - it is ugly, but in this special twisted flashy way I would suggest you to tweak controls a bit... make character more responsive (faster fall but also faster fly up).
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