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  1. be very careful with them - a friend of mine sent them their games, but never saw any money coming in. just another rip off in the market
  2. Hi, do you have any numbers what ecpm´s are realistic when integrating leadbolt, ad4game, gameadvert, cpmfun , etc? I tried out leadbolt and have like 0,2$ ecpm^^ Kiss ya all!
  3. Thanks will check it out as always
  4. Hi, I wanted to share my latest game "Madracer" with you - not everything is 100% done yet and I am working on more improvements as e.g. controls, goals, etc But please have a look - game already has found a sponsor which you can find out, if you check the game more detailed =) http://daisytimes90.blogspot.de/2014/06/play-madracer.html Thanks!
  5. Thanks guys! Its my first time doing a HTML5 games...so I m still learning a lot =) About soiunds: any good recommendations here? I dont use any game engines....and want to keep it that way
  6. Hi, I wanted to show you my newest title...and wanted to know what you think. Best thing about is that I haveI already found a very nice sponsor, hihi ))) You can play on my site! http://daisytimes90.blogspot.de/p/functiond-gnscriptid-jsid-sgembedjsif-d.html
  7. Pretty neat animations - otherwise cool game!
  8. Coding, Coding, Hacking, Fun! =)

  9. Wow, one of the best games I have seen so fa, but doesn t seems to work on Chrome :/ What engine did you use?
  10. I won! Finally - I am soooo happy now P.S. Game lags on ipad 2 and my galaxy tab 2
  11. Hey, I tested the game on my iphone4 and everything is working very nicely!
  12. Haha - I really enjoy this game - I hope I will be able to make such a game one day =))))))
  13. Thanks a lot for all these usefull resources !
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