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  1. Oooohhh frig. My PC is shutting down randomly. PSU must be busted. Maybe the universe is telling me to upgrade my oldish setup?

  2. Here's my entry "Connected Nations", where you have to manage limited resources between nations and survive as long as possible. Tap QWAS to produce resources and use Cursor keys to share resources. Quite track'n'fieldish (=button smashing involved) Game: LD Page:
  3. Well...damn! I don't wish anything from Phaser 3 then I should take a better look at those Pixi.js docs, though...
  4. I would like to see a more generalized scene graph where all displayable objects can have children. Playing with nested Groups is a real hassle.
  5. Here's also a solution which works with the original XML font files: Here's the script file which I tried in my project: Worked like magic ...Although, a JSON bitmap loader in Phaser/PIXI itself would still be pretty sweet.
  6. Hello! I was wondering if there are any nifty ways to mute SFX and music separately? This can be achieved with Web Audio API easily by using separate gainNodes for each type of sounds, but I'd rather have a more compatible solution. Apparently Rich is working on an overhaul of the sound system in Phaser, but does the overhaul possibly cover audio grouping? -V
  7. @Doodlemeat you're probably right. There was another forum post where the conclusion was the same. The tilemap scaling doesn't work well with the physics systems (or atleast arcade). You could also try a more indirect approach and reduce the game resolution to half and then scale other objects of the game to 0.5, so that the tilemap appears twice the size. Then you can let the game resize itself to bigger size and get almost the same end result. Of course it won't be exactly the same (gameplay won't be as smooth), but should work for the time being. Remember to set antialiasing off if you're using pixel art
  8. justuk: Try settings the to your tilesize. For instance = 32 with 32x32 tiles. That helped with my game's tunneling issues. You might have to fiddle with the value a bit to get correct collisions and cancel all the tunneling issues. I'm still not sure how this value exactly works... might have to take a look at the source code at some point Hope this helps!
  9. Have you tried setting the scale first, before the .setCollisionBetween call? Also, calling this.layer.resizeWorld() after setting scaling might help with these kind of problems.
  10. Thanks for posting the solution! I was experiencing the same problems. TILE_BIAS = 32 seemed to work the best with my 32x32 based tilemap