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  1. Your gameplay video encouraged me to play it - probably this vivid, spongy biker's mechanics was the main factor why I got really positive first impression. So I run it on my desktop and started riding up and down hills! And... at the beginning I felt a little bit disappointed because, despite the fact that biker's mechanics still worked great, it seemed quite hard to control it properly. I got stuck on 200-350 points and got frustrated many times when I couldn't get back to the right position pressing right arrow key - in situations when front wheel was slightly lifted (let's say it formed an angle of 30 degress with back wheel) and bike was accelerating - and finally biker rolled over. But I didn't give up because I still wanted to master it and get at least into Top-100 scores. Two game session of several minutes later I finally got this precision that let me reach scores above 700 without excessive efforts. Since then it was a pure pleasure to play it and just enjoy especially this moments of speeding up and air stunts! High scores system seemed not to be working properly quite often i.e. I have score 200; just have beaten it with 550; results page shows it but can't load my weekly and global rank; press restart and in top left corner it shows 45; few attempts later it finally shows 550 as it should. I suppose that it results from some server issues. I think you're close to make a really great small game out of it. Wish you luck in further work on this title. In the meantime I'll try to get on the podium!
  2. Carpark North - More Maybe it's not the best music background while working but it's been giving me extra power in the evenings when I'm tired but still want to get somenthing done before sleep. I recommend stepping away from desk for a moment and try to feel like a singer during concert - it works better than a cup of coffee There are much more such songs but this one contains some 8-bit music elements so I thought it could be an interesting specimen for games creators. @Nesh108 thanks for reminding me Smashing Pumpkins' "Tonight, tonight" - it perfectly fit my today's afternoon mood.
  3. Cool game:) I managed to win 3 gold medals on my desktop Then started playing on my phone - picked it up as console controller and started using my thumbs (I suppose that it may be the case of many players for landscape orientated games). So my first impression was that controlling is quite uncomfortable and it took me a while to come up with an idea that I rather should be holding it by one hand and using forefinger of the second one. I see that you have an image showing that it's recommended way of controlling in 'How To Play' section. Maybe it would be good to show it when player runs the first match, so it would be less likely to have wrong first impression such as mentioned above? Currently you can complete the whole game quite quickly. If you wanted people to enjoy it longer you could implement some tournament system as it is in real football World Cup (group phase, knockout phase). Instead of 3 chances to score a goal players could also take on a goalkeeper role - he/she needs to point the direction in which goalkeeper jumps to catch the ball. In order to ensure more diversity there could be different ending events i.e.: - yours and your opponent 3 chances to score a goal in turns - whoever manages to have 2 goals more than opponent wins the match - whoever manages to score 4 goals wins the match - match duration: 3 minutes When it comes to gender of soccer players, it seems that in your core game women vary from men only in hair length. In reality there are a couple more differences between them and I think it would be nice to include at least some of them in the game - now women's appearance is confusing
  4. I though that you wanted to answer the question: "Do players want to make a team choice?" when referring to choosing default team in 98% play sessions. I think that using for this purpose such simple data would lead you to wrong conclusion ("players don't care about team selection so there's no need to make it" - it can be true but can't be concluded from default team choice in 98% play sessions piece of information) so I just wanted to encourage you into deeper analysis
  5. For this issue I think you should rather take into account only the statistics showing what players do when they choose team for the second and further times. In free-to-play games and especially browser ones there are probably huge amount of accidental first game sessions when player just wants to quickly look around and decide if the current game is worth playing longer. So he/she skips first screens as fast as he/she can in order to get into the game itself. If you cared about this numbers you would end up designing the whole game experience also for people that don't want to play your game instead of focusing only on the ones really interested in playing it. For the first sessions you could look into statistics showing how many people leave your game when they're on 'Choose team' page. If there are many such players you could suspect that there's something wrong with this part. There's also an issue of correlation between your default country and real player's country. If i.e. 90% of your players come from your default country we don't know if they wanted to change it if they would be assigned to 'wrong' country by default.
  6. Seems that the link @blackmoondev gave leads you to a site optimised for mobile devices ("m." in address)
  7. Here is probably the best source of information on what you need to do to meet GDPR requirements in your mobile games. At the very bottom of this page you can choose language (hope your mother tongue is there).
  8. If I understand you correctly, you want to make original good „bad” game that will fit a niche audience needs? Then release it on popular games publishing platforms (it's how I understand „throw it out there”) and hope it'll get people attention? Seems it might work for a niche game. But even if you'll make it and encourage others by telling your success story, there still be many who choose one of 4 options. They just prefer to make popular games rather than niche ones or they just don't really feel niche needs/aesthetic – and maybe it's one of reasons why there aren't more good „bad” games, even if some try to make it. I don't want to judge these options and say that any of them is completely senseless. I think they all have their advantages and developers can choose between them, depending on what they currently feel like doing or have just done
  9. bambo

    How? Take a look at point 8.1: [...] Google may limit the number of Developer Accounts issued to you or to the company or organization you work for." Seems that you can legally have more than one account. It's reasonable when one company or developer want to publish various genres of games or other products under different brands.
  10. When you start your adventure as a game developer these are just the easiest and the most reliable ways of making any money out of your games. In these models of business you don't have to care about all these other things that have to be made if you want to earn money (hosting, monetization system, testing, marketing and so on). They create plenty of additional problems you need to solve on your own. When you're a newbie in games development business it all can easily overwhelm you. It's why most of them choose sponsor/publisher/client route at the beginning and just focus on only creating games. As time goes by and they gain experience, they start to think how could they make money on their games without any intermediaries between them and players. I think it's a quite natural process and if you looked around a little bit more in this forum, you could find topics where developers write about their far from ideal experiences with sponsors/publishers/clients and their plans of making money on their own way. So it's not that all developers (and maybe even not most) make (or try to make) business in one of these 4 mentioned options. These options are just probably the most popular on this forum. If you would like to change it, you should finish your project, make it a financial success and share your story with specific figures. Then for sure many developers would like to follow your path and if they repeated your success, your business model would become another popular way of making money out of games and you would become another HTML5 games star Wish you luck and I hope some day we'll be given opportunity to read your story kind of "How I made $1,000,000 on my bad game"
  11. a] Jump strength b] Ability of taking-off in the right position of take-off run (you'd need in your game i.e. horizontal gradient stripe red-orange-green-orange-red; when you're near to the edge of the take-off run indicator starts to go from left to the right; when you tap when indicator is on the first red it means you took off too early and you'll achieve less distance; the same when indicator is on the second red but it would mean that you took off too late; when you tap when it's in green you'll reach the greatest distance; upgrading this attribute could impact the speed of indicator movement) c] Technique (it would vary the "style points" players get from judges; 5 judges gives up to 20.0 points for style - there's some ideal pattern of ski jumper position during flight and his landing and they judge how good actual player fits this standard; so this attribute would impact the first part of this points and the second one would be dependent on Landing) d] Landing (there are two types of landing: - telemark ( ) - it allows you to get up to 20.0 points - on two feet ( ) - it's worse type of landing and judges give less points; then you can get max. ~ 16.5 - 17.5 points Unfortunatelly I can't tell you what is the exact distribution of this points between Landing and Flight phase. I can only give you example of Małysz fall ( ) when he got about 12.0 points (but I don't know if he wouldn't get less if had landed on two feet before fell). So maybe it's 10 points for Flight and 10 points for Landing but I'm not sure about this. e] Ability of keeping the right position in the air If you need more information on how ski jumping can work in game you can find some gameplay videos from PC games on youtube
  12. I've tried "Slalom hero" so far and I really enjoyed this game This effect of airflow works great and gives genuine sense of speed. Crowd cheering and bells sound effects in the ground make me feel as if the olympic games has already started and I'm in the middle of this. As a Pole and great fan of Adam Małysz I would like to say that I'd love to play your version of ski jumping. And in fact it could be a nice opportunity to make successful HTML5 for Middle and North Europe (Norway, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia) where ski jumping is a popular sport discipline and we have had a couple of successful PC games in the past. Unfortunatelly the current season is coming to an end and maybe it wouldn't be the best idea to release such game i.e. in a month, but it seems to be quite interesting plan for the future. Cheers, triple gold medalist
  13. Nice progress. The background makes a big difference. Good work with pumkpkins' design and especially with their facial expressions
  14. Nice design and effects. Good work. Thanks for sharing the particle tools you use
  15. Great game! I went through all levels – I really get swing into this game and was upset when I realized that the 60th level is the last one. Hope you'll prepare more puzzles What was the reason for implementing these control arrows on the left? For me they seem unnecessary and ruining this simple yet clean and nice graphic desing. But maybe it derives from your experience telling that players prefer to use such virtual keys – in this case I'd suggest changing graphics of these arrows. The second minor change I'd do refers to marking tiles of the same color. These green dotted lines make board a little bit messy. What about making it more clean e.g. like on attached image? Does green rectangle appear next to the level number only when you complete it without any mistake? You made good and clear tutorials and maybe I just missed this little piece of information