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  1. thanks for answer! i trying to use jasmine and karma, and PhantomJs as testing browser. Currently have a lot issues with import Pixi in global scope I suppose, my webpack/tsconfigs setups not correct, so that why looking to any working examples
  2. Has any body experience with setup unit tests for game based on Pixi + typescript + webpack? Some examples, seed projects, tutorials?
  3. Hi guys! I want to implement possibility in my browser game to gain premium money after watching video ads, as is implemented in most mobile games. Does anybody have experience using google IMA https://developers.google.com/interactive-media-ads/ for that?
  4. Taras

    Pixi.js Showcase

    Agree, tabs looks really not good. In Code editor didn't see that. Sorry FYI. About using Pixi v.3 + ES6 is now book http://www.apress.com/9781484210956?gtmf=c
  5. Taras

    Pixi.js Showcase

    Hi guys! If somebody need - Pixi.js v.3 and ES6 game example https://bitbucket.org/tmakota/coun4 Enjoy! PS. AI not fully implemented, only horizontal lines