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  1. It lags a lot and becomes really slow when first level will start, so it is unplayable. I used Chrome.
  2. Thanks! 😄 No everything is programmed from scratch in Javascript.
  3. Here is a nice interview by the LEGO website The Brothers Brick about my game.
  4. Based on some of your feedback I have made several updates of the game now that I feel have improved the game. If some of you would like to test the game and see if everything works it would be very appreciated. Just playing from start to chapter 2 or 3 would be enough. Game link: http://jalex.se/classicspaceadventure/play/ The changes I made: Added a Resume option that let the player shut down the game and then continue from the previous chapter. Items collected (spaceguns etc) are also stored, but not any other data (like enemies destroyed) since I felt that would be
  5. It looks nice and my first impression was "wow!". It is nice with the pink and grayblue together, though personally I would like to see a bit more vibrate colours on some places, and more contrast. Maybe test and make the dark parts a bit darker? Well it is hard to say from only one image though since some areas of a game can have different atmosphere like this one. But if you could make some alternatives regarding the colours. Otherwise I like the pixelated style 😊
  6. Thanks! I actually have an option to change the keys already, if you press "I" during the game, and there is a robot at the space station which informs the player about that. Having a text that says I can press Esc after you get the first item is a good idea. I will implement that.
  7. I decided to use chapters because I thought that storing the exact positions of all objects and other taken enemies or items would mean a lot of data, so an easier way was to just let the player choose (and remember...) the chapter he was on last time. But I think that is a great idea to have an option continue from last chapter! I will add that. Thinking about if it should be an option "Continue" below "New game" or "Continue form last chapter" (longer text) in the Chapters menu? I let all chapters be playable just because I wanted a player to be able to see the rest of the game eve
  8. Ok that is very strange... Wonder if it is something with the keyboard input that Safari does not like in my code... Yes chapter 1 (the chapters can be selected as you can see from the main menu) is passed when you fall into the hole, and you don´t return there until the game is finished. To get to chapter 3 you have to talk to the Martian village leader and he opens the door to Robocity. Instead of saving the game, or using codes, I have so that you can continue from a chapter if you take a break from the game.
  9. Aha the videos helps to understand. Some kind of help to understand what they are I think would be needed. Or a popup that tells you what to do. Which one is the tractorbutton? Like with my own game I have understood from feedback how important it is in the beginning of the game to make it clear for the player what to do in the game.
  10. Thanks for feedback! I have heard some others also say they have problems with the ladders, so I should solve that. It is hard to experience the UI problems yourself sometimes since as a developer you are so into the game I did make an update of the game a day ago where I found a bug regarding the ladder and falling speed, that it was not reset to 0. Not sure if you played the old or new version of the game. Could you try again and see if there still is a problem?
  11. Well i haven't got any laser yet. I am in a room with 3 red creatures that I can bounce around, I thought first I should move the guys to the purple circle. I think some guidelines would be needed in the beginning (unless it is meant to be a puzzle game), or it might just be me who don´t get it
  12. I like the style of the game and it runs really smooth, but I can't understand what to do? Perhaps I'm just too tired, but I reached some red creatures and clicked on one and it got stuck on me. But not sure what to do next? Can I shoot on a button?
  13. Aha, so you mean you tried to hit enter on different items such as computers? There is actually only one machine you need to hit enter on, the one you activate the transporter with at the beginning of Robocity. Other machine you either use a tool or shoot at it. Maybe I could have some kind of sign for that first computer that activates the transporter. And perhaps I should add a kind of "talk sign" over robots that you can talk to?
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