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  1. Hello Shrewd Pixel! Many thanks for the warm words! Yes you're right, it would be cool. But currently the game doesn't find any sponsor / publisher after almost 2 years. And it's sad.
  2. Unfortunately the game is still unpublished Can't find any sponsor for this.
  3. Thank you! We are small team, tha game has been made by two of us: me as a programmer and my teammate as an artist. The sounds and music were bought on stock and freelancers
  4. Because the game isn't sold yet. Usually the publishers/sponsors want use only canvas.
  5. Thanks for noticed that. SSL is expired. I fixed URL for a while.
  6. Because WebGL still has poor support on mobile devices.
  7. Hey jamespierce! I was very happy to read this feedback! It give inspiration to keep going. Thanks a lot jamespierce! As for the Phaser version. There isn't a specific reason why we don't use CE version. Actully we didn't try it yet and v. 2.6.4 is completely enough for us at the moment.
  8. Hey! Did anybody compare Phaser and pixi for performance? We're going to make isometric game. bottom line is about objects you could render per screen. What do you think? What to choose? Phaser 2, PIXI, or maybe Phaser 3? Need the canvas renderer of course, not webgl. Update: I've the same question in the phaser slack channel. It seems that the PIXI would be better for isometric game then Phaser 2.
  9. Thanks for the warm words guys! I really appreciate it.
  10. Hi there! I'd like to show you one of our game - Zombie Strike. This is a variation of match3 style game and zombie theme. The wall of the zombie comes on the player who should break the bricks on the match3 rules. Please play this: http://rivasgames.com/games/zombie-strike/ And I'd be happy to see any feedback. Also this game is available for license, feel free to contact me directly if you are interest (az[at]rivasgames.com or in private message) Thank you for your attention.
  11. Have been working with Ilia to create SFX and music for our game. Ilia is a professional sound maker and composer. He works fast and makes hight quality. Also he made musical intro for game menu for free as a bonus. Thanks Ilia!
  12. Oh, seems I find the solution. Just put this code into resize function: var gameContainer = document.getElementById(game.parent);gameContainer.style.width = window.innerWidth + "px";gameContainer.style.height = window.innerHeight + "px";
  13. I added this to div style, but the issue still present. Here the canvas style in div: You may notice that the canvas has a strange margin parameters. And here correct canvas in body:
  14. Hi, If game is in <body> then the size is correct: But when the game is place to <div> then the size is wrong and there are additional spaces around canvas in both sides How to fix this and remove that space? body and div style: body{ background-color: black; margin: 0;}#gameContainer{ width: 100%; height: 100%; position: absolute; }
  15. Thanks again, but I can't say that method works or not, because we found out that the issue is something between iOS9 and the Gamesplaza Portal Base Template (test portal). Indeed the iframe is loaded through http. Thank you for this point!
  16. Tom Atom, I've called "window.focus();" after ad close - unfortunately it didn't help and the iOS 9 issue is still there :( I figure out that the problem is on sponsor side.The game places into an iframe, and after show ad the iframe loses focus. Perhaps some divs overlaps the game div or something else. Is it possible to return focus back to the iframe?
  17. MichaelD, yes, but the issue still present Tom Atom, thanks, I'll going to try this on Monday.
  18. Hi! After the ad triggers and you close the ad, a game don't get the focus back. The issue is present only iOS9 - devices. In callback func which calls after the ad closing I set up game.paused = false; And music continues, update logic continues, but not the input - it makes any tap to impossible, all buttons don't work. I need to return the input focus back to the game. Is it possible to make something with this? I use Phaser 2.4.3 version, and disableVisibilityChange = false; Before showing the ad, I set pause, and unpause after closing.
  19. Can anybody help this guy? I need to transform the pointer position to the group's local. How I can use toLocal/toGlobal for this? Usually I do through this: var locX = globalX + group.x; var locY = globalY + group.y; But what can I do if the group has rotation and scale? Upd: Seems that I find the way: var locPos = group.toLocal(pointer, group);
  20. In Phaser v2.4.1 Inputs and buttons don't work any more on mobile (Android/iOs), it just for me?
  21. Hi! I see that a bitmapData object has no method 'destroy'. How does it destroy? If it needs, of course.
  22. Hi! Thanks a lot!But for me it was a "double canvas" problem! It was fixed by adding this line of code: if(game.device.android && !game.device.chrome) game.canvas.parentElement.style.overflow = "visible";Have a good day )
  23. Hi. How i can reach the same physics speed regardless by fps on mobile and pc? I set: sprite.body.velocity.x = 200;and this sprite moves with different speed on pc and mobile devices. Please, tell how to fix this?