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  1. I think that little 3s. black screen could be caused by the performance in your device that could need some more loading time. It's something related with CocoonJS.
  2. I like to work with the less UI elemets as possible, it could need more time to get familiar with it but the final connection between the player and the game is more pure this way cause is based on feelings and movements, not involving the eyes, that just look the gameplay. Dunno if this is the best way, is just the way i design. Thanks for your comments, everybody .
  3. When you tap, the engine starts pushing up Rollik with a specific strenght. If Rollik is going down, the engine should compensate the falling force first so it takes more time. About refueling, Rollik is a very first model of the robot, it just cannot take off when refueling, is designed that way. Both Rollik and Key & Shield Play Store versions are compiled with CocoonJS. Key & Shield is of course a more complex game with more art and coding work, Rollik is a very fast simple concept i had found interesting and fun to work with, to also test some Construct 2 features and different ways to promote games i'm currently checking. With Ludei, you can't change anything that happens before or during the Ludei splash screen (that's a bad point for them). It shouldn't have that 3s. black screen before their logo (in the devices i've tested the game it doesn't happen), As CocoonJS is a very new tool, it could have that kind of little things on not new devices. Which device and Android version you have?
  4. Hey! Here is Rollik, a game i've made for Android with CocoonJS. It's a simple concept, and for no reason i can't stop playing... My brother is actually the higher score with 24, tell me what's yours. Google Play Instructions - Tap and hold to keep engine activated. - Fuel remaining is represented with the colored ball inside Rollik. The smaller it is, the less fuel Rollik has. - Completely land on a platform to start refueling (the colored ball will become green). - While refueling, you can't take off until you leave the platform (the colored ball will become red if you try). Keep pressing with your finger and it will automatically take off when leaving the platform. That's all. Have fun!!
  5. We have adapted our html5 game Key & Shield for mobile and created the Android version using CocoonJS. We have published a stable release and the result is very good, i like the Android version even more than the Keyboard only one. Try it out, it's for Android 4.0+. Play Store It's free and without ads, of course. Enjoy it!
  6. Thanks guys, our artist is awesome. I'm checking in some computers and runs normally with your version of Chrome. I'll keep investigating to see if i can fix that.
  7. Thanks for the feedback Zebestov. - The problem persists if you reload the game? - Can you play the game in other browser?
  8. Just playable on desktop browser. Definitely, the next version will be also mobile friendly.
  9. Hi guys, this is our contribution to the html5 game community. A little fun and beautiful platformer . Enjoy it! Key & Shield A lazy guardian angel has released you from your metal cage. You’ve been granted the key and shield, which you’ll use to traverse the island and unlock all your friends. Play the game (Kongregate) Follow Gorliks on Facebook Screenshots
  10. Both and FGL apis are easy to implement and works fine, actually testing each one in different games to see how it works.
  11. Hi, For html5 games you want to monetize with ads, which platform you prefer to use to manage the ads, FGL,, or there is another good option?