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  1. Sent you a request! Nice idea!
  2. It seems 1.3 is in stable channel now, and has some quite interesting new features. Any news on this? Is it still not worth upgrading?
  3. Should i use my personal logo when sending my games to publishers? Should i charge them more if they want to use their own logos instead? Do i retain the IP? Thanks in advance, guys.
  4. I think some developers like Matthew Bowden do exactly that. The thing is, some publishers want their own ads in the games they buy and some don't even want them at all.The HTML5 developing business is relatively new, so everything is learned trough trial and error... mostly. I am also starting out but i haven't bothered much about ads. I guess it all depends on the publisher and the specific contract you sign with them. But yes, you can sometimes do both.
  5. Awesome material, thanks for sharing! Btw, you might be interested in this particular youtube channel named Extra Credits. They have some very interesting takes on education and games in general.
  6. I think you would rather sell licenses for your HTML5 games if revenue is what you trying to achieve. Ads are usually not worth the trouble unless you (or your publisher) can get a large ammount of traffic. Anyway, if you must use ads, i would recommend LeadBolt.
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    ISART HTML5 GameWeek

    Lots of high quality content! Nicely done!