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  1. @johnny_tal I really enjoyed stickman - Looking forward to October 31st
  2. Here's one of mine that works perfectly in cocoon: Hopefully it helps someone. I still have a few games that I can't get to work but I'm using the above as a working template.
  3. That hasn't fixed mine Can you share some more of your settings like cocoon launcher settings and game height/width?
  4. @Oliganti I spend all day yesterday grappling with that and don't have a fix. Since the last version of my game (working fullscreen) I've updated cocoon launcher, phaser version, and android version so the bug could be anywhere in there :S It's frustrating because every single one of my other issues with cocoon is fixed! Edit: This is my setup code: var width = window.innerWidth , height = window.innerHeight var game = new Phaser.Game(width, height, Phaser.CANVAS, '')I've tried using devicePixelRatio and other hacks from this thread, as well as various scaling and webGL options in the cocoon launcher... It can be replicated by: 1. running the cocoon launcher 2. looks like this 3. press the back button on android 4. confirmation popup appears, choose cancel 5. returns to game in fullscreen
  5. @canardou that game is legit! I played it for about half an hour. Especially liked the ragdoll effects which I've never seen done in phaser before. Is this published on a website somewhere? I'd love to play it on my phone. You can host it on github pages by pushing your 'public' folder to 'gh-pages' branch like this Looking forward to reading your code a bit more
  6. @Mariusz I downloaded and rated your game It's really polished and smooth. I love seeing successfully completed games with cocoon! Did you have any issues getting the advertising banners to show?
  7. Wobble Wockets This is my first phaser game - It was an absolute blast to make and it got a bit of love on hacker news yesterday. I was really keen to get this on iOS/Android app stores but still struggling
  8. I didnt even need to preload anything, just used, 0, '') as @videlais described. Make sure you put that line at the END of your create() function. Cocoon seems to drop the last sprite/button added.
  9. That empty image hack works perfectly! I was seeing the last button disappear, so I guess the solution makes sense. Kudos for finding that one!
  10. Is anyone else still having issues with buttons? When the display was mirrored, they worked fine, but in 2.1.0 the display is fixed and some of my buttons disappear again. It's always the same 2 buttons (out of 10 or so). One of them appears if I do a certain combination of actions, and even if I replace them with plain sprites and events they dont show. Any new ideas on the issue now that 2.1.0 is out?
  11. Ah my bad - Rebuilt and confirm cocoon mirror bug is fixed! In the mirrored version all my buttons were showing, but in the latest fix some are hidden again (in cocoon). I'm also still experiencing the erratic emitter issue (browser and cocoon). I can live with those if the canvas is upright though!
  12. Cheers Rich, I'm still getting the cocoon mirror issue on Nexus 5, but maybe it's my code. I tried making a clean template using the Yeoman generator to isolate it, but it didn't help: Any suggestions?
  13. I'm new to all this but hope to be able to contribute soon! Latest version has fixed button issues on cocoon but I am also seeing a mirrored version of the game. The touch area for buttons stays in the correct place but the entire game image is flipped on both axis. 2.0.7 -> 2.1.0 also created an issue when positioning an emitter. I have a game that uses a smoke emitter based off this demo and changing the lastest version for that demo makes the particle placement chaotic. Whats the best way to create examples for showing issues like this? I tried to create a jsfiddle without any joy...
  14. @Starnut THANK YOU This thread was tricky to find but your implementation worked perfectly!
  15. I'm a fairly new web dev and LOVE simple casual games. The idea of running a js game everywhere is just too enticing. Almost finished my first phaser game and its the most fun I've ever had programming