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  1. We didn't have enough entries, so the contest wasn't settled. We plan to restart the contest at the beginning of summer.
  2. Hi all, from time to time we post on our blog articles about html5 games. We browsed the forum and found 5 interesting shooting games. Have a pleasant reading http://news.gamefilled.com/?p=132
  3. GameFilled

    Tank5 League

    Our newest production is Tank5, real-time multiplayer strategy game. Now we organize a competition for its players called Tank5 League. Here you can find the rules: http://tank5.gamefilled.com/league-2/. Everyone can take part
  4. Our contest deadline is extended. The new term is October 1, results will be announced on October 8.
  5. Leave your mark in the history of the gaming industry just playing games. We are pleased to invite you to beta testing of gaming app GameFilled. Join our community on google+ https://plus.google.com/u/1/communities/104395017819456210262 and download the app. Then you’ll receive 25 kg of Gold, GameFilled currency. If you write 10 posts on our forum, you’ll receive next 25 kg. Tests start on August 1st. Every voice is very important for us – send your feedback by mail contact@gamefilled.com, by facebook or google+. GameFilled is an Android App with a lot of free games available without installat
  6. Thank you for the test, now we're checking the bug. We'll be grateful for your suggestions
  7. Hi, we are glad to inform, that new version of Sumerian City (1.0.1) appeared! Feel free to play, test and send feedback to us http://sumeriancity.pl/
  8. Majority of publishers has 50/50 revenue system, but usually it is based on advertising, not on In App Purchase.
  9. We are interested in integration HTML5 games with our android app. This app contains free mobile games connected in one unified In App Purchase system. If you have any questions, please contact us.
  10. Hi, Gamefilled is an innovative Android Application, which contains free mobile games, available without installation. All games in the Gamefilled system are free to play and don't display any advertisements. Players don't have to install games available in Gamefilled. All titles are available to play instantly. All games are connected in one unified In App Purchase system. Now we are looking for developers of HTML5 games. We'll integrate these games with our application with the help of API. Feel free to ask and to send your games to us
  11. Actually mechanisms like rate for GOLD, share for GOLD, invite for GOLD are already implemented. I wonder if some of achievements shouldnt give gold after completion.
  12. I would like to see this game in Gamefilled :-)
  13. Congratulations Play To Max :-)
  14. Actually this seems to be good and achievable idea. At this moment Gamefilled allows users to spend GOLD in games. Maybe we should let them win GOLD in games and spend it around the system? What do you think?
  15. It is really interesting game. Don't know why, but it seems to me like Osmos :-) If you wish, I could give you support with HD graphics and freemium optimization.
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