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  1. Yeah i see the point, though that sounds a pretty big feature.
  2. You can export to web from the editor, this will create one JS file which includes everything. You can use that to share your demos.
  3. Yeah i'm still here! Just been a bit busy lately, but i am working on Panda 2!
  4. I have now added new "FBXexample" scene to the example project of Three.js plugin. It shows you how to load one FBX model and play animation on it. It does have embedded texture.
  5. Looks like there is something that is unsupported in your FBX. Do you have any other FBX that you can try? If you are exporting the FBX file from another software, can you try different settings? I have tried few different FBX files and all loading fine.
  6. You can paste the code inside any module that you use in your project.
  7. You can add any Three.js loader from here: https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/tree/dev/examples/js/loaders Just copy and paste the code into your project. Makes really no sense to add everything to the plugin, would make it really big.
  8. Sure. Can you send your FBX so i can take a look?
  9. @ftguy2018 I have just updated Three.js plugin to version 1.6.0 That issue should be fixed now. Thanks!
  10. Ah i see. I have added now support for frame names, instead of frame indexes in the array, you can now use frame names (or even mix indexes and names in same array): game.module( 'game.main' ) .body(function() { game.addAsset('player.atlas'); game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { var player = new game.Animation('player.atlas'); player.addAnim('run', ['run-01.png', 'run-02.png']); player.play('run'); player.addTo(this.stage); } }); }); Just update to latest develop version.
  11. Yeah auto-update only checks for latest master version.
  12. There is actually three different ways to use addAnim function. 1. Use frame indexes addAnim('run', [3, 4, 5, 6, 7]); 2. Define start frame index and number of frames addAnim('run', 3, 5); // Animation starts from frame index 3 and contains 5 frames 3. Use frames that start with specific name addAnim('run', 'anim_run'); // Uses all frames that start with name anim_run Third is handy if you name your frames properly, like anim_run01.png anim_run02.png anim_run03.png This way if you add more frames to your anim, they will be automatically used.
  13. There are some rendering issues with TilingSprite and cached containers in 2.12.0 version. Try to update to current develop version, they should be already fixed there.