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  1. Finished my JS13K Entry for this year. You can play it here: https://js13kgames.com/entries/the-chroma-incident
  2. This is looking good! I abandoned this last year to work on my own tiny render-engine very shortly after getting the shader working, hadn't bothered with getting a camera properly scaled. It'd probably be trivial to make a custom debug drawing function that's scaled properly too I'd think. I'm revisiting Phaser for a larger project now that 3.0 release is pending, very excited to see someone else make use of the little shader I managed to cobble together.
  3. Rybar

    Roto Blaster

    Thanks for the kind words everybody! I've added gamepad support, controls are: left thumbstick/d-pad : move left/right x/a/b11/b13: fire right trigger/axis5: gun squeeze http://cantelope.tk/tunnel
  4. Very addictive game! I'm not sure how interaction between players works; are mines correctly marked erased once flagged? how does your territory become theirs?
  5. Made with the same tiny custom engine as Greeble, Scott "Cantelope" McGann and I just finished making Roto Blaster. It's a simple twitchy arcade shooter with a fun dodge mechanic. Let me know what you think! http://cantelope.tk/tunnel
  6. Thanks for testing guys. @totor : There should be pop-up messages under the countdown explaining the controls? You're supposed to hop/roll left or right to find fuel keep yourself alive, until you find another body part. If it goes game-over almost immediately after being dropped, that may be a bug? I'll investigate. As for the loader not having a progress bar, you're right my bad. But what it's actually doing is rendering music to a buffer, and that time varies wildly from machine to machine, with no good way to get the percentage complete, at least with the tiny synth library I use
  7. Hello everyone! Last week I finished my #js13k entry, Greeble. I'd love it if you guys could give it a play and let me know what you think. http://js13kgames.com/entries/greeble
  8. I got this working pretty well. I've posted my repo so you can poke at my setup yourself if you like. http://www.github.com/rybar/gamenought/ Live demo at https://rybar.github.io/gamenought/wwwroot/build/
  9. var game = {}; game.preload = function() { var logo; var helicopter; var renderTexture; var renderTexture2; var currentTexture; var stageSprite; var outputSprite; var gameMatrix; var gameGroup; var cam; } game.create = function () { //post effect----------- var fragmentSrc = [ "precision mediump float;", // Incoming texture coordinates. 'varying vec2 vTextureCoord;', // Incoming vertex color 'varying vec4 vColor;', // Sampler for a) sprite image or b) rendertarget in case of game.world.filter 'uniform sampler2D uSampler;', "uniform
  10. I'm getting very close to the look I'm going for! It's still a bit dark, but I've figured out how to render a tiny game to a bigger texture and then run a filter on it, which was the biggest hurdle so far. Can see it in action here: http://ryanmalm.com/testbed/build/
  11. I've poked around at Phaser's code, As far as I can tell seems like display objects at nearly every level have a filters array, but not the 'final output' of the renderer after scaling. Still looking for some assistance here; Has anyone here tried something like rendering the game to a texture and then passing that to a fragment shader? I could do something incredibly hackish in vanillaJS, was looking for some procedure that stayed within the Phaser framework first. Here's a quick screenshot further that more clearly shows what I'm going for:
  12. I'm getting the same; examples load and play but the code window doesn't populate; throws "Opps - failed to load js file"
  13. The above screenshot is from one of Deepnight's games, Delicious Cortex. I've attached it to show the effect I'm trying to achieve. I've figured out how to properly scale my game to 3x with crisp rendering, and how to apply a filter to the whole game world. I've hit a snag with the filter step though; Sebastian applies a 3px by 3px mosaic grid in overlay mode to a game that's scaled 3x. When I apply a shader to the game world it's being rendered before its scaled (as expected), but the effect I'm going for would require access to the screen post-scaling. Is this possible? I've successful
  14. Being a huge fan of neon twin-stick shooters in the vein of Geometry Wars, etc. I can say this game is top-notch addictive fun, and I'm thoroughly impressed with all the people managing to do a webGL game in 13k. Awesome work sir.
  15. Hello gamedevs! Just posting to show off my JS13k entry, Super Glitch Box. An homage to one of my favorite freeware games, it features fun glitchy visuals, stereo sound effects, original music and procuedurally generated weapons. http://js13kgames.com/entries/super-glitch-box
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