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  1. Since this post still has a fair bit of Google-power, I'm going to gravedig to say "this exists now!" and point out the Pixi 2 release notes which include an example of how to implement retina support.
  2. Very cool. Works nicely on the desktop here. Super smooth (although my laptop eventually got hot and bottomed out.)
  3. That's an amazing reply, thanks so much. I've marked the other one as the answer because, well, it is, but I really appreciate your insights. In reply to your comment about manipulating the stage.children array directly, I believe this is allowed because it's the only way (afaik) to adjust the z-index/render order of your sprites. I've seen it mentioned elsewhere as an appropriate practice in any case.
  4. I have a DisplayObjectContainer full of tiles that the user can pan around and explore. At the moment all the tiles are in a DisplayObjectContainer at all times, but I'm wondering whether Pixi does any optimisation around not rendering items off the screen. Should I should be more aggressive about adding & removing items from the stage when they're out of view?
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