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  1. For a first-game this good. I liked the idea of the game.
  2. Interesting riddles and the music don't annoying.
  3. I tried to play the game and emulator BlueStacjsAppPlayer causes a lot of errors in different browsers.
  4. Bears and tigers are very similar
  5. I use haxe and very happy. Perfectly exports in js script and easy to write code like in as3. But it is necessary to write the kernel and this is the biggest challenge.
  6. I now use 800x450 and stretched to full screen but keeping the aspect ratio.
  7. I used AudioElement for sound background. For the effects I used AudioContext but it doesn't work everywhere .
  8. tmifx


    Good and necessary forum. Thank.
  9. I tried to encode all the code and hide the algorithm uncompressing. But it takes a lot of time if a lot of code.