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  1. Thanks Gwenael Well, i tried to play those samples in project, but some error occured and babylon.js file, where the error occured, is minified. Is there something to do in order not to minify the babylon compacted file? I am not sure where minifying takes place (jskompactor.exe?), because javascript source files are not minified... btw error is: (taken from firefox, but IE is same, but throws a context window asking for debug) | TypeError: b is undefined ---------- GetFileContent:1 | // Links to minified babylon.js compacted with shaders...| TypeError: BABYLON.SceneLoader is undefined ---------- BabylonJSDemo:59 |
  2. Hi, is there any technique to use Typescript babylon.js sources in testing environment of application? I need to do some additions and changes to engine ( usecase specific ). My app is written in Typescript and i would like to "import" babylon.ts sources to be able to debug babylon.ts sources. Is there any solution for visual studio to use babylon.ts in my app? I am using VS2013 Thanks for reply.
  3. Hi, as I understand, this is feature-request page. So as We(team) are working on big application in native 3d engine, I am working on exporter to .babylon file for the web-app. As we are loading many scenes, that are not equally structured, we need some sort of variability there. So this is what I found out that I am missing in BJS. PS: I am using 1.11 exported from typescript for now, i dont know if any of things below is already in 1.12... metadata of object in "userData" property. The best var-type would be Object, as it is the best type for that case. We have so much data saved in unity, which are not exportable into .babylon file for now. It would be simple property of every instantiable object in file (camera, material, mesh...), For now we need to provide another file with metadata and it means more http requests, more redundancy in data ( when i want to target specific element ) and parsing multiple files. Add "layerMask" property to Mesh and Camera. To implement layers, that are implemented in 3DSMax. Displayed meshes are these, that have (newScene.activeCamera.layerMask & mesh.layerMask) > 0. I implemented it with adding 6 lines in typescript and added 1 condition (parsing of .babylon file property included), and saved hours of work on iterating through meshes that i want to have displayed, while having metadata file which defines camera-case-meshes table....Thanks for reply, if anything is not clear, i will respond through pm...
  4. Thanks for your reply davrous and SideraX, I am glad to hear that port will be completed that soon :-) (I am shaking in impatience :-D). I will try to build babylon today to get *.d.ts and see if it will works for some time as i need
  5. Hi, I recently started to use Babylon.js with our will-be-really-complex-in-the-future project written in TypeScript with Angular.js. I know that you are working on TypeScript version of Babylon, but I found nowhere (maybe I just didnt search enough) how to use new version of Babylon in project with TypeScript. I tried to use 1.11, but as I startedtrying to implement Shaders, there are no TypeScript definitions for ShaderMaterial. Is there any unofficial version of Babylon.d.ts, or i should edit that file in order to use 1.12 version of Babylon.js? Thanks, Marek