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  1. you should use joints , to tie the phasic bodies together.
  2. This game is awesome , actually the experience is like "watching a documentary while playing pac-man"
  3. State machine will not help that much keeping the code in order , it will for sure make it more readable , but the main benefits will be to prevent bugs. You will avoid gordian knots
  4. Can you tell me how much time did you spent making this game ? Whats the total period and the frequency of working on this game during that period ?
  5. But is you'r game running slow ? Did you profile that , are you'r assumptions correct ?Maybe it is not that expensive operation after all. And the goal of tile maps , is tiles after all .Little rectangles with regular shapes , which makes them predictable for their position. You don't need to iterate them all. You just need some simple calculations based on the size of the tiles , the visible size and the camera position. Basically handling smaller tiles should be more expensive operation then larger ones.
  6. The game is well polished I like that. But what I don't like is , it's just an other clone.There is nothing new there.
  7. Not every browser vendor implements "garbage collection" the same way. So no need to panic . But if that is the reason for you'r game to freeze from time to time , then google out how to minimize GC in javascript.
  8. I wrote a framework , a small one ( only I'm using it ). But it is based on "screens" and I wrote my own Navigator "class" that stacks the screens , and there are also animated screen transitions. This helps a lot to keep the Menus and all other screens separated. And I also made it event based by adding some methods on_screen_show() , on_screen_hide() etc. You can take a look at my code , or ask a further explanation on how things are done.At least for the ones that I know . Any way you take a look a this free online e-book , , It's MUST READ if you ask me .It can help you organise the code even further.
  9. You don't need PO2 images for drawing on canvas. Thats only an issue related to OpenGL. And CreateJS is drawing on the canvas.
  10. I use tweening mostly when creating the GUI. It's a excellent way to animate the buttons to appear and disappear. And also when doing some trivial ( as you have sad: for non-interactive animations only) animations. Lets say for an example that a pulsating start in the background is a perfect candidate for tweening , or maybe a moving platform. Yes , the user will interact with the platform , but it will have no influence on it.
  11. Antagonist


    Hi to all , I'm Iko , I love javascript game development , and this forum should be very nice place to hangout
  12. Take a look here : , Ashley writes about garbage collection. Objects can be allocated without using the 'new' keyword , var a = {} , this create garbage to. And what I have noticed also , drawing on canvas with float values also creates garbage.