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  1. If you don't want to do it manually, you can use the Sequencer plugin someone made: I've used it and it works well.
  2. nacs

    List of Panda.js games

    Both of them work fine for me in Firefox on Windows and Mac so it's likely a software issue with your setup.
  3. You can use the sprite.tint property to set a color/tint for a sprite but AFAIK there is no way to tween that property without manually updating that sprite.tint in an update() method.
  4. nacs

    Fixed layer?

    Ninja is correct. The best way seems to be to create 2 containers and move the content container around as needed. The alternative is to dynamically offset the position of every HUD element based on the viewport but that will get messy.
  5. nacs

    New on Pandajs

    If you're new you may want to check out Pixi.js tutorials like (Pixi is the rendering engine Panda.js uses). A lot of the stuff Panda provides is built on Pixi so if you understand Pixi.js concepts, it will help.
  6. nacs

    Panda.js 1.6.0 released

    Looks great. What is: Added dynamic mode to Loader ?
  7. nacs

    Large tile maps

    There's a similar question here: I use a system similar to the one mentioned above (the RenderTexture method). Instead of one huge tilemap though, I break up the tilemap into "chunks" each of which is a single rendertexture and load and unload chunks based on the camera location.
  8. Definitely an improvement in controls now. The controls also make a little more sense now that you mentioned you're going for a more Kerbal-feel. I think the problem is that's not communicated well. The graphics and such make it look like a arcade type shooter where you expect to move quickly and the ship to respond quickly to input. A tiny image of a ship in a world that's extremely zoomed out makes it feel like the ship should be nimble. Kerbal on the other hand almost fills your entire screen with controls and the image of the ship to convey that bulk and size and more real-life type physics (plus the fact that you spend more time building than flying helps convey the realism). Perhaps a more detailed ship (like actual thruster/jet image on the side of the ship when you're rotating for example instead of huge bubbles as big as your ship coming only from the rear of the ship) and zooming in more while the ship speed is low and zooming out when the ship picks up speed may convey the realistic-movement you're going for.
  9. nacs


    Thanks for making this! I'd made my own sprite animator thing but this looks much cleaner. Should be part of the core Panda.js IMO.
  10. The graphics look good and the game has potential. Unfortunately I wasn't able to play it for more than a minute or so each time I tried as the controls weren't so good. It seemed like the ship had massive mass or really weak engines or something as it took a lot of thrust to get it moving. The real problem though was actually changing direction after the ship was moving -- it was virtually impossible to slow it down or go in the opposite direction as no amount of thrust would get it to change direction. A full 180 turn with full thrust seemed to have almost no effect in slowing the ship down and it just continued drifting in the same direction it was already going.