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  1. Hello, I am looking for docs or tutorial on properly setting up Babylon dev environment with VSCode Autocompletion and a bundler such as Webpack or Parcel or whatever. Thanks!
  2. Not sure if this make sense since Phaser is a client side app and all exposed Javascript. Running it in puppeteer on server would be formidable task. You can obfuscate the Phaser bundle, so you make it difficult for someone to hack it. In addition, you can add random code to ping your server with checksums, so when the user restarts a game just reload a new version from the server and verify immediately the new checksum. This way it throws off hackers. Anyone who cheats, ban them. Another option is to have code on your server end that validates reasonable ranges of physics and tra
  3. I want to force the game on mobile devices to play in landscape mode. Any ideas how this can be achieved? Thanks!
  4. I have a piece of text and would like to set its origin as centered to display on the scene. E.g. Is there a way to get the rendered text height, so I can set the origin how to place it on the screen? Thanks!
  5. I use Mac for my dev. Is the Phaser 3 API, similar to Phaser 2? So while learning to use P3 can I also be referring to the P2 API docs? Can I create a Progressive Web App to install app button on user's mobile home screen if they choose? Will Phaser 3 run offline so users can save/load information from devices? Developing on Mac, which local http server is recommended. Do I need to use Typescript or can I just use regular ES6 Javascript. (I prefer to avoid Typescript and learning yet one more language to be honest with you) Thanks!
  6. I am starting to look at Phaser. I am not looking for the pros and cons of Typescript. I know what it does. What is the preferred way of coding with Phaser? Do its creators prefer TypeScript? Is Typescript being encouraged as the main compiler? Or can I not worry and code in pure JS. Thanks
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