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  1. Hey Guys, There's lots of good information on this thread! I'd like to add my two cents about the method that is working for me ;-) The method I chose fills the screen as well, but also scales/zooms the game content to keep everything purportional based on either the vertical or horizontal ratio of your initial development size (you must choose one or the other), it also keeps the coordinate system for sprites, physics, etc the same. This method works best for my needs and I feel could be helpful for others. Games that have worlds that move horizontally such as endless runners will use a
  2. Thanks for the reply Ben! I suppose converting to and from emitters and groups isn't that difficult and I can test it both ways. The issue I'm trying to overcome now is access to individual particle parameters. I've started a new thread on that subject...
  3. Hello All, Is it possible to access and change the properties of individual particles released from an emitter? (without requiring an overlap detection) Let's say I've emitted 3 particles from an emitter... Is there a way to retrieve the properties of each particle (x,y,velocity,rotation, etc) then execute code that will be applied to that single particle if it meets certain criteria? I've been using emitters to create enemies, projectiles, and scene objects. Many times there are multiple on the screen at one time and they need to be accessed and respond individually. A scenario that I
  4. Hi All, I've just started using Phaser over the last couple of days and am liking it very much. I've never attempted any serious programming with Javascript, but seem to be catching on quickly thanks to all the available Phaser documentation. My question concerns the performance hit of using "emitters" in place of "groups". I understand that the emitter functions are basically an extension to the groups functions. What I'm doing is creating an endless scroller/runner game format. As the screen scrolls, pre-composed "scene" sections are chosen randomly, then generated off screen and scrol
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