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  1. I got the explosion and coin from opengameart.org. I didn't even know about explosion generator but it looks pretty cool to check out.
  2. I think you are right Rich. I'm going to make a small list of things to do and then I'm going to move on. I've got many other ideas I could be spending my time creating.
  3. Thanks for the feedback Ionel. There are some details there regarding the UI that need some tuning up so I agree with you there. Teaming up with some guys would be awesome. It is a nice community here so I'll see who is available.
  4. Wow end3r that is crazy. Sorry to hear it. I suppose you have to be careful here.
  5. Hey Guys! Advice and Showcase post here. My dream is to make educational games for classrooms. In this pursuit I've been exploring different technology to do so. Phaser looked nice and friendly on paper so I started a project using it. I've been working on TinyWitch in my spare time over nearly the last two months. I have a few hobby affiliate sites and one of them deals with costumes so I thought, "Why not make a game to bring some potential buyers to the site and see what Phaser is all about?" So here we are. Sadly I'm no artist so I've scraped and pieced together this game from resources I could find (some free/some paid). But I am at a crossroads. I'm asking myself... Am I done here? Should I move on? Lately the nights I want to work on TinyWitch I'm finding myself staring at the code doing nothing. I suppose I'd like some feedback on my game so far and some help to figure out the direction it should go. How do I get my mojo back to want to make this better and not move on to something else? My list of features to do include: Boss fights every x level, more weapons, random power up drops instead of coins, changing the terrible music and sound fx. I had a dream of porting it with cacoonJS to the AppStores I wonder if that is possible with what I've got here? Check it out and let me know what you think! (mobile friendly too) http://tw.devdm.com/
  6. When I looked at the code from end3r's Monster Wants Candy it changed how I did things. http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/6893-monster-wants-candy/ I'm not a Javascript super wizard, this is my first large undertaking with Phaser, I don't 100% understand .prototype and why it does what it does but using the same organizational methods end3r uses has really made it quite easy to keep things clean and modular. He has it on GitHub so I suggest you take a look. https://github.com/EnclaveGames/Monster-Wants-Candy
  7. Thanks for this. It makes sense that things are layered that way. I was having the same problem. Sometimes things are just "too simple."
  8. I tested the game again and it looks like it is functioning how it should. Tutorials and blog posts are always the most boring part after a project is finished. I feel your pain. I'm glad to hear you say I can use any parts of the code. For some reason it did even cross my mind to use local storage so that is opening my eyes a little bit to a few ideas. Do you know if this game would port well to CocoonJS?
  9. This is Awesome end3r! Played fine on the Transformer Infinity Pad 700t. However the audio started to double loop on my computer (Chrome Version 35.0.1916.114 m). To try and replicate this for yourself. I'll tell you what I did. 1) Load the game 2) I clicked to toggle the audio mute (music starts) 3) Went into the achievements area 4) clicked anywhere and came back to the home screen 5) double audio objects started running. The mute will only silence one of them at this point. Hope this helps. I really like the way your code is structured and I think I'm going to snatch some of that logic for myself. I've been hard pressed to find a good code layout for Phaser stuff.