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  1. Hello, I have to perform transformations to a mesh, and it's necessary for me to get the mesh world matrix before each transformations. But once a transformation is performed, all my world matrix copies are amended ... In the fiddle undermentioned I don't understand why if we remove a line relative to a transformation, for exemple the l.16: box.rotation.y = Math.PI/3;, all the world matrix are amended ... to become identical ... I can only get the transform Matrix Before and after all my transformations. So is it possible to get this world matrix at each moment of the mesh position evolution ? The fiddle : Thanks !
  2. Ok thanks ! It's nice to be fixed, I'm a beginner who has spend several hours to behold that the falsity this code was due to that programming feature
  3. Hello again After several hours of unsuccessful attempts, I noticed that the babylonjs behavior was not the same that the javascript behavior.For exemple : value of a.x is now 1 and the value of c is 0.Knowing that babylonjs is a javascript library it seems strange to change the language logic. So, is there an explanation for this choice ? Moreover, but there is no link with my precedent question, where can I find an html version of babylonjs 11 ? It would be useful for jsFiddle.
  4. No problems Wingnut I'm too young to have known this game, but retro gaming have always fascinated me so I will And thank you Moon for this code ! On my side I've solved my problem. Here is a jsfiddle with my solution : Here, I'm working with a free camera. The results is the same as if I had attached my mesh to a camera but I can get the absolute position of this mesh without creating this mesh and it's important for me ! Thank you again to everyone ! it's really handy to be part of a such reactive community
  5. Thanks for your detailed response Wingnut, But it doesn't answer to my question. I already know these tools and they are not effective for resolving my problem. I'm not trying to calculate the distance between the camera and a picked mesh. What I'm trying to do is to know the position of a mesh which is placed on the axe of my camera, regardless of the depth. I need to have this position without introducing an additional mesh or a plane. I've already managed to do that with recovering the absolute position of a mesh whose parent is the camera and whose position relative to the camera is (0,0,10). But now, it would be nice to have this position without this mesh. Moreover, is there a function who can get the vector whose direction is the sight direction of the camera ?
  6. Thanks ! I used this for calculating the 3D position of a mesh placed at the center of the canvas. Knowing that, I do a reference change for calculating the distance between the projection in the viewport of this two meshes : the central mesh and a picked mesh. Now, I'm trying to do that without this pointless mesh. So it would be nice if I only had the position of this mesh without this mesh. I've thought of using a Ray but I don't know how to do it, and if it's technically possible. Is this a possible solution and is there a solution ?
  7. Hello ! I'm trying to set a mesh at the center of my canvas while using a free camera, but I have difficulties. Considering that it's a mandatory feature in fps games, I thought that I may have a response using babylon js transformations classes, and camera worldMatrix and viewMatrix. Thank you in advance !
  8. In this topic it is stated that "The world matrix represents the scale, rotation and position of the object in the world", but world matrix is a 4*4 matrix so what the 4th line is representing ?
  9. Hello gwenael, thanks for your fast response I had already seen this post but it doesn't really help me for the time being because I don't understand the basics. Can you explain me what is this world matrix ? What will I learn by playing with your jsfiddle ( ? And is that what you call 'space' are basic space transformation ?
  10. Hi everyone, I'm a new user of babylon.js and i'm trying to understand what the [meshe].getWorldMatrix() and the [scene].getTransformMatrix() matrix are representing. What is a WorldMatrix ? when I try to recuperate the world matrix of a picked mesh, I obtain a 4*4 matrix with the Identity Matrix for 3*3 Submatrix at the top left, and with the 3D position at the 4th line and I don't understand why it is like that. And concretely, how the 'Project' function is running ? I have good knowledge in algebra but I have trouble with the documentation. Thanks !