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  1. thanks for reply, but i want to ask you,can i use pixi with box2d for this, or i should to use phaser or banda
  2. hi guys i want to ask, can i make tower defence game using pixi.js alone, or i need more tools, please explain for me thanks
  3. hi all i make a tile map with tile, and get a json file i load tile map correct, and make collesion between tow layers without any proplems now my sprite is a group of rectangles i want the rectangles to move on specefic road, move from point a to b alone, without exit from the road layer1 is background layer2 is the road my tilemap in the attachment thanks in advance
  4. ok no answers, so i answer my self, i found where is my proplem now the code is correct 100% but when create tile map by (tile) software i filled all the map by first tile set then i added new layer, then i put the road overwrite the background, this is the problem when create the road layer you should to erase the background tiles where you want to put your road, and dont put one tile over one i hope i explain well my english so bad here is the steps again in tile software new map add your tile set ok now we want to create the background layer, and fill all the map with background tiles now we want to make small road on the map so erase any background tile you want to put the road on, click add new layer ok now put your road, but remember dont put any road tile on any background tile, you should to erase background then put the road now every thing work
  5. hi guys today i made simple tile map with tow layer, first layer is background, second layer is the road, i want my sprite can walk on the road and collide with background when i make my sprite collide with the road layer my code is work, but when i make sprite collide with background it doesn't collide this i smy code create: function () { game.physics.startSystem(Phaser.Physics.ARCADE);map = game.add.tilemap('tilemap_lev1'); map.addTilesetImage('Shaw-Floors-Piazza-13-x-13-Mosaic-Tile-Accent-in-Multi-color'); layer1 = map.createLayer('bg_layer'); // i want it to collide layer1.resizeWorld();layer2 = map.createLayer('road_layer');layer2.resizeWorld(); map.setCollisionByExclusion([], true, 'bg_layer');and in update functin i use this game.physics.arcade.collide(greens, layer1);thanks in advance
  6. oh man you are the best, i put many hours of tries without result and search and research, no result too finaly the solution is simple like this i cant believe thank you every thing work now
  7. hi guys i have proplem with making states in phaser, i make one state until now in index.html i include all files i need like this <script type="text/javascript" src="js/phaser.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="game.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="load.js"></script>then i game.js this is my code var game = new Phaser.Game(520, 490, Phaser.AUTO, '', { preload: preload, create: create, update: update, render: render }); function preload () { } function create () { } function update () { } function render () { }game.state.add('loading', this.loadstate);game.state.start('loading');and in load.js this is my code var loadstate = function (game) {};loadstate.prototype = {preload: function() { game.load.image('bg1', 'assets/bg1.jpg'); },create: function() {// this to start next levelgame.state.start('level1state');}};i have this error "Phaser.StateManager - No state found with the key: loading" thanks in advance
  8. thanks guys, i decide to start with phaser, i need to focus on my game idea rather than writng the code from scratch and thanks again your answersw helped me
  9. thanks guys your answers give me some points, but i still cant found my start point. i have some games in my head now and i want to learn to make these games most games in my head is online multiplayer, and other is just single player, all games is 2d one example of what i want to make is game like "pop cap", i want to make this The main source of my livelihood
  10. Hi guys i'm php programmer, i decide to move to game developing unfortinately i don't know where to start and i decide to take your advice, and i have a question i hope to found the answer here what is the best way for developing browser games. learn javascript, then programm the game with pure javascript and html5 from scratch or using framework like phaser thanks in advance, and sorry my english is bad