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  1. Hi! I´ve been off but working. This are the latest games I´ve made, there´s one made in the global game jam that needs some more time. Any feedback is welcome, please enjoy! (If you want to play more games check http://jupitron.newgrounds.com/games/) LEFT & RIGHT Play: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/670433 Salvation Play: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/669922 Survival of the undead Play: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/666335 Windows Ninja Play: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/666334
  2. Play: http://bit.ly/DEATHBUTTON CONTROLS -LEFT & RIGHT KEYS to MOVE -UP to JUMP (use DOUBLE JUMP) -Z to SHOOT Supports Xbox 360 controller Made in about half an hour for the weekly one hour game jam from bitslap (weekjam.com), ive added stuff postmortem. Thanks to @fcingolani for the music.
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    Avoid skulls, collect coins and make your highscore to be part of the top 10 players! Play! http://bit.ly/GENKIDO Trailer: http://moby.to/by1poj Birthday present for a friend. CONTROLS WASD or ARROW KEYS to MOVE F to FULLSCREEN M to MOVE
  4. Eyebleed Hypnosis is a psychedelic arcade game, includes highscores and medals on newgrounds. Play! bit.ly/EYEBLEED CONTROLS ******** WASD or ARROW KEYS to MOVE Xbox 360 controller supported M to Mute F to Fullscreen Its open to modifications so any feedback is welcome!
  5. Play! http://bit.ly/CHIPRUSH Move with ARROW KEYS Collect diamonds and circles but avoid those getting to the tentacle thing on the left, it´ll turn those out to lasers to kill you. Also, lasers can turn the diamonds and circles into new lasers. Its hard but use your slow motion jump to avoid hell on screen (double jump can save you a lot!). Made in about 7 hours. Hope you enjoy! PS: I´ve made several small games that i thought didnt needed a new post so ill put them down here if you wanna check them. CYCLOPS SNAKE Play: http://bit.ly/CYCLOPSSNAKE Made for bitslap 1 hour game jam this week, theme was flight. Move with arrows, shoot with Z. POWERCLASH Play: http://bit.ly/POWERCLASH Local multiplayer vs style game, controls are in the newgrounds description, but i recommend two XBOX 360 controllers. Made for and arcade (physical) machine for exhibit on a convention. Its called Argentron (didnt work but worth the shot). BASKET FROM HELL Play: http://bit.ly/BASKETFROMHELL Made in one hour, its like a toy. I just had fun with it with some friends. Physics based game. COB´S BIRTHDAY Play: http://bit.ly/COBSBIRTHDAY Birthday present for a good friend. (You should play his AWESOME game White Stone: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/657455) MCBRIDE´S BIRTHDAY Play: http://bit.ly/MCBRIDE Birthday present for a nice friend. Made in half an hour, so thats what youre seeing. Sorry for the crappy gift. Move with arrows, shoot with Z (it gets pretty hard) Sorry for the long post, if this bother to anyone ill change it, didnt wanted to flood with topics, i usually post for every game but been off a while so, here i am.
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    Play Newgrounds: http://bit.ly/MECHARAY Play Mobile Fullscreen (puede tener bugs): www.jupitron.com.ar/MECHARAY Kill bugs, charge your ray and make your highscore. Made in two days, initially thought for mobiles. Its my first mobile designed game so sorry about bugs and stuff. CONTROLS ******** MOUSE and/or Z and X F to FULLSCREEN M to MUTE Made for #UJAM2. If you wanna check other stuff I made please go to www.jupitron.com.ar!
  7. Play! http://bit.ly/WAVEBLAZERNG Fight aliens and destroy the menace with Waveblazer, the ultimate ship made by the NASA. Music made with Bosca Ceoil. CONTROLS ******** ASDW - Move MOUSE - Aim LEFT CLICK - Shoot F - Fullscreen M - Mute Waveblazer was created almost a year ago, completed two days ago with a simple story, main screen and ending. I closed it because I lost interest in it but I didnt wanted to lose it like some other projects. It has many flaws, sorry but at least is playable and has an ending. If you want to check other stuff I did please go to jupitron.newgrounds.com or www.jupitron.com.ar.
  8. Play! http://bit.ly/BEARDQUAKE A really simple collect and survive game made in a few hours. ***SUPPORTS XBOX 360 CONTROLLER*** Really small game made for #UJAM1 for @duvalvg CONTROLS ************* LEFT & RIGHT - Move UP - Jump DOWN - Jump Through USE F to FULLSCREEN & M to MUTE If you want to check other stuff I did go to http://jupitron.newgrounds.com/games/ or www.jupitron.com.ar!
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    Play! bit.ly/MOONDONG Moondo is a physics-fast paced-collect-one screen-highscore driven game. CONTROLS ******** Use LEFT and RIGHT to move the ball. Use A and D to move the PADDLE. ******** Made in about a day, got to get around leaderboards, sorry. Its buggy, hope you can enjoy. If you want to check other stuff I did please go to: http://jupitron.newgrounds.com/games/ www.jupitron.com.ar
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    NEW UPDATES! -You keep resources after dying. -Now you start next to a planet to extract resources and get a handful to get going. -Alien doesnt spawn too fast after killing them. -Alien ships cant damage you when upgrading your ship. -Planets now have something like a "sonar system" to easier access. OLD UPDATES! ************ -Half damage from aliens and asteroids -Ship health doesnt decrease when flying -Upgrades are now cheaper -Fuel usage decreased
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    Universe is a simple game where you have to discover planets through the universe. There are some hazards around so you have to gather resources from discovered planets and improve your ship to survive. Return to your Space Station for Upgrades! **************************** Play http://bit.ly/UNIVERSENG **************************** CONTROLS ************** UP & DOWN - Foward / Back LEFT & RIGHT - Rotate X - Extract Resources Z - Hold to repair your ship (needs Yellow resources) C - Hold to refuel your ship (need Green resources) M - To mute F - To Fullscreen I made this game after watching a trailer of No man´s sky and impose myself a rule: dont make a shooter game. Thanks to Wren (Alexander Petrov Sanchez) for this awesome music. Thanks to Noid Hunter for the cover art. Thanks to Abraham Monroy for helping me in some stuff (ISS has his name) If you want to check more games please go to www.jupitron.com.ar! Send some words @jupitron or contact@jupitron.com.ar
  12. Play! http://bit.ly/ROBOTKARMAJOE LD Post: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-31/?action=preview&uid=35249 Gameplay by CobCris Made in less than 20 hours for Ludum Dare #31 Compo. CONTROLS ARROWS - Movement Z - Shoot Space (Hold) - Control Your Soul! Check my games at www.jupitron.com.ar!
  13. Play!http://bit.ly/Feedyourdemons Evil demons feeds from highscore, you didnt know that right? CONTROLS Movement - ARROW KEYSF - To fullscreenM - To mute Made for Mini #Pulmonear - To duplicate is to die. This is my first game with music made on a DMG Gameboy and LSDj, hope you enjoy! For more games please check www.jupitron.com.ar!
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    Hi Vince, Im using C2 so every game uses webgl. Im new to pixel art too, its my second attempt, so glad you like them. Freedom is closed, everytime I close a game I never go back to it, maybe for some bug that makes it unplayable but not to improve it. I believe that every game you make has to be a mark of what you´ve done at that moment and shows a bar that can be beat in the next game you make. I could be improving a game forever and thats not the idea. To make one good game a hundred have to suck in some way. Or not. haha Thanks for your kind words.
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    Every image or logo is a link to the game on newgrounds. Firefox is blocking those links. Please check http://jupitron.newgrounds.com, all of them are there. Thanks!
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    Thanks a lot JUL, its nice to hear that you like what I love! Big malware?
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    Play!http://bit.ly/FreedomGJ Use your ammo wisely, you can only carry 6 bullets! Get to your ship, load some fuel and be free. Controls***********Use LEFT and RIGHT to move. Use UP ARROW to JUMP Use DOWN ARROW to CROUCH Use Z KEY to SHOOT ************Since I couldnt make it to the lowrez jam just wanted to make a 32 by 32 resolution game. There are a lot of bugs, sorry! For more games please check http://www.jupitron.com.ar!
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    Play! http://bit.ly/ULTRAGJ Defend yourself and make your HIGHSCORE! Keep your pilot alive and beware of dangerous aliens! Please check in game instructions. Controls Use ARROW KEYS to MOVE Use Z to SHOOT F - to FULLSCREEN M - to MUTE Made for #jam4life For more games please check:http://www.jupitron.com.ar Hope you enjoy!
  19. Play Online! http://bit.ly/RetroVersus ***COIN SPINING IS A LOADING SCREEN, JUST WAIT!*** RetroVersus is a local only competitive game (go get a friend now!) where you control classic bosses like Bowser from Super Mario Bros or Metalman from Megaman 2 vs your classic heroes! Controls: P1: AWSD - Movement / G - Action P2: ARROW KEYS - Movement / Shift - Action Hope you enjoy! SOON WILL FIX: -ADD MUTE KEY -ADD FULLSCREEN KEY -SOME BUGS
  20. Play! http://bit.ly/AwakeGJ Help "You" (thats his name) to find his way. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROWS to MOVE. M - to mute F- to fullscreen For more games please check www.jupitron.com.ar!
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    Play! http://bit.ly/Super-S Super-S is the first game that I've finished some time ago. Its a highscore driven game, controls are explained in game. For more games please visit http://www.jupitron.com.ar. Thanks a lot!
  22. ChronoBoss Play on newgrounds! http://bit.ly/chronoboss In ChronoBoss you have to absorb energy to get to Uranus and defeat him! Discover your new form!!! There´s a time attack leaderboard for those who likes challenge! Master your powers and make your best time!ChronoBoss is a simple game made for Pulmonear 3 game jam.
  23. Hi! Really good job! Looking foward to see your next games.
  24. Play! http://bit.ly/egobreaker Ego is a game designer struggling with evil trolls. Defeat them all! (Spoilers: It´s impossible) This was made with love, don´t spread hate, capital sins are a very serious thing. Specially in game design forums.Sorry if you find bugs or its crappy! It was made in 3 hours. Please check my other games at www.jupitron.com.ar or jupitron.newgrounds.com Thanks!