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  1. Alright, thanks again. Going to start my project now . This is going to be very interesting.
  2. Thanks very much! I am now seeing a solution in trying this whole thing with javascript and babylon on the client and the entire server build up with c++ with http sockets and a 3d calculation solution with libraries like this SDL (watched it shortly through) and Recast navigation. Something I am still not sure about are the model loaders. I will have to load the models on the client for the whole rendering thing and on the server only to calculate with them. Wouldn't it be good if I can use the same model format on the server and client. So I probably need to watch out for the loader on both sides.
  3. Thanks grimor that was something I searched for. Yeah I have to emulate it somehow but I am just creating a concept for that so I don't think it will work out in the end with emulating canvas and webgl on node.js. reddozen thanks for the information, I already thought that it would be really complicated. As you say I need a server program which handles the calculation check from the client and then moves the client back if he is "wrong". That is why I wanted to use node.js and either try to get the babylon math+3D environment libraries working on node.js or use an entirely new option (for examples a c++ server with http socket then using opengl). I like babylon.js and I just want to create a simple 3D multiplayer game at the moment but I still don't know how to concept the verify if the user is "cheating". If I use node.js for example a user could just simply use the console of his browser and send the server a false positions, so I have to calculate the position somehow on the server.
  4. Well I want to calculate the collision on the client and server, as you said, the server will check if the new position is possible. But I still got the problem with the 3d calculation on the server. Since I use node.js as the server I need to get babylon working on node.js (atleast for calculation). I tried it so far with this gulp-builder (don't know what it is exactly) but I don't get babylon to work with node.js. Thanks anyways.
  5. Hello everyone! So I want to start using babylon.js and I want to calculate the collison on the server (so I guess I need no rendering, only calculating with meshs loaded by loaders). For that I would use node.js for server-side javascript. The question is, is it possible to use babylon with node.js since node.js is using their module.export way to include other files? Anyone tried it out? I tried it with normal npm install babylonjs but when I require the babylon files with node.js I only get errors like navigator objects is not defined. If anyone knows more on this topic I would be interested to hear (since I am a noob)! greets~