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  1. Unfortunately I have very little skill as an artist! I've had to rely on people kind enough to give their art away. You can find the backgrounds by asimuz here, the platform tiles are here and here are the GUI assets. I did have someone specially make the art for Jethro however. Good suggestion about the checkpoint, I think something like green would probably be much more appropriate! And yeah, there should probably be more of a tutorial too. Glad you enjoyed how the final level worked. I hadn't planned it like that, but was happy with how it turned out. Thanks everyone for
  2. I've been spending my spare time working on a platformer game, starring my very own dog, Jethro. This is a demo, showcasing 3 levels from what will eventually be a total of 16. Run, jump and dig your way through the levels in an effort to get as many biscuits as possible before heading to your kennel. I haven’t been able to test the mobile version on anything other than my dodgy, old phone which couldn’t handle it well, so mobile support is ‘unofficial’ for now Play the game here. And please let me know what you think :). Thanks for your time, folks!
  3. This looks really cool! I'm definitely eager to see how this turns out.
  4. Game Mechanic Explorer has an example of double jumping in Phaser, among several other useful things.
  5. Yeah, I'd definitely recommend it. The best thing about Interphase is that it's mostly practical examples. Almost everything in the book is about making games, so there aren't really any theory chapters that may otherwise bore the average 14 year old.
  6. I would absolutely love it if you were to improve the tilemap renderer!
  7. I don't want to be that guy, but why not have both? If it came down to one or the other, I would agree with previous posts that the first is the preferred for me.
  8. Just a heads-up, when you're adding the sprites, you're adding 'cloud1' and 'wolke2', but you're checking collisions on cloud1 and cloud2. I'm not sure if that's just you translating the code for this post, but if that's how it is in your actual code then that'll be your problem.
  9. Hmmm... that's not what I'm experiencing. I've got a Core i3-4130 and with my Phaser game open and running plus a few other applications, CPU usage hovers around 6%. I get the same thing running the PIXI example that you've linked.
  10. Just having a quick glance, you need to make sure that the values in your json file match the values in your code. In your create method, you call this: layer = map.createLayer('World1'); but there's no layer called 'World1' in your json. Change it to whichever layer you want to display (ie 'Tile Layer 1'). Your image file paths in your json aren't right either - you're loading them from 'assets/tilemaps/tiles' in your code but your json file says the image is in "..\/..\/..\/..\/..\/..\/..\/..\/..\/Users\/Woody\/Downloads\/isometric-blocks\/Tilesheet\/tilesheet_complete.png"
  11. SignalSin

    Enemy respawn?

    Sorry, I should have explained better. What I mean is that demons is your group, demon is just one object. You current code is only moving one sprite, because you're only setting the rotation for demon - not the group. You want to move the whole group, so you'll need to move each member of the demons group. I'm not able to test it out myself right now, but maybe try using the group.setAll method to set the rotation for all children in the group. A less efficient, but possible solution is to loop through each member of the group and set the rotation individually. See the documentation for
  12. SignalSin

    Enemy respawn?

    Your problem there is that in your update, you're only setting the rotation of demon, not demons.
  13. Oh wow, this is really cool! It's a bit of a dream of mine, to make an original Metroidvania, so I'm eagerly awaiting further progress on this. Keep up the awesome work!
  14. EDIT: Sorry, just realised that this has already been noted in the Phaser 2.1.3 thread. There's apparently a fix in Phasers dev branch.
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